Hook (A Hitman's Bait 2) - Page 119

“And what do you think?”

“I think you could use some allies. And to keep my boy safe, I don’t need to make any more enemies.”

“Hmm.” His face flickered with emotions as he contemplated. “You did do me a favor by getting rid of Ivan.”

“You hated him that much?”

“Ivan was poison that was slowly spreading through the family. He was my brother. I wouldn’t have gone up against him, but he needed to go so the family could thrive again.”

“But what will you tell your family? They know Kit and I are responsible for his death.”

“Just leave that part to me. I’ll give it some thought.”

I pushed off from the desk. “All right, then. I’ll leave you to get some rest. Don’t overdo it. If you wind up dead too, then I’ll have a lot on my hands dealing with your family.”

“I’ll take care not to die under your roof. If you see Talon, can you send him my way?”

“Have some groveling to do, do you?”

“You sound familiar with it. Maybe share your tips.”

“You’re not in the condition to do what I do when Kit’s upset.”

Javier laughed, which turned into a steady stream of pained cursing in Spanish. At least it sounded like he was cursing.

I closed the door behind me, smiling. Well, this could have gone badly. Considering last night we weren’t sure whether or not we’d be alive today, things were looking up. Kit might have had a point about Javier being a man of his word, and those were always good to keep in your back pocket.

Chatting and giggling brought me to the kitchen. Kit and Talon stood side to side at the sink, doing the dishes.

Javier was right. They couldn’t be any different, but they treated us, their lovers, with the same devotion and love.

“I don’t get it,” Talon said. “Why would you want to be a kitty?”

“Because it’s fun and relaxing. And it makes me feel sexy. Besides, it would be too late for me to be anything else now. Sully gets really turned on by me being a cat. Maybe that’s something Javier would like.”

“Not likely.”

“Maybe a puppy, then? You look like you could be a puppy. Doesn’t he, Sully?”

I jolted. Kit hadn’t even turned. How had he known I was listening in on them?

“I think you should stop meddling, sweetheart.”

“It’s not meddling. Just spreading the joy of being kinky.”

Talon looked at me, his relaxed composure with Kit disappearing behind a stony expression.

“Javier’s asking for you.”

Talon moved, but Kit tugged at his shirt, leaving a wet handprint. “You should let him wait so he’ll appreciate you helping him instead—”

“Kitten, what did I say about meddling?”

“Ah, you’re no fun.”

“I should go to him.” Talon nodded at Kit and walked out.

When he was gone, I strode over to Kit, placed my hand on either side of him, crowding him against the counter, and pressed my cock into his back.

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