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Chapter 27

Wakingupalonewasn’t how I’d envisioned the start of my morning after the adrenaline-filled night I’d had experienced—both escaping Javier’s mad relative and the way Sully and I had made love last night. My body hummed pleasantly, and I stretched, kicking the sheets off me.


I sat up in bed and smiled. Cinnamon and Pumpkin glared at me, probably because I’d disturbed them with my movements. Sully must have let them in.

I hadn’t woken up alone after all.

Only Sully would know the sight of our cats in bed with me would cheer me up if I woke up without him next to me.

Love warmed my insides as Pumpkin plopped down on my lap while Cinnamon tried to climb up my shirt. I gasped at her sharp claw scraping against my skin.

“Someone needs a trimming.” I gently removed her paws from my shirt, and she gave up. She settled next to my side instead and rubbed her head against me. “You missed me, didn’t you?” I scratched behind her ear. “I missed you too, but Daddy the First is home now. Did Daddy the Second take good care of you while I was away?”

Although I wanted to find Sully, I stayed in bed, talking to and showering our cats with love. It didn’t take long for the most contented purrs to emanate from them both. The sound made me smile… made me think of Sully begging me to purr for him while he fucked me against the glass of the shower.

“All right, darlings, more petting later. I need to go to the bathroom.”

I plucked Pumpkin from my lap and set him down next to Cin. He settled down into the softness of the sheets. No need to bother making the bed. After a quick shower that only revealed the bruises Sully had given me last night, I dressed and went to find him. I left the door ajar so the cats could walk out. They rarely stayed when Sully and I were no longer in the bedroom.

I skipped down the stairs and followed the bickering of Tack and Liam into the kitchen.

“It’s just a sausage, Liam.” Tack waved a sausage on his fork. “Surely you can tell me when I’ve hit the right length.” He took a huge bite out of the sausage, leaving about two inches. “Am I close yet?”

I snickered. “You might as well show him already, Liam. He’s never going to shut up about it.”

Tack grinned, his eyes sparkling, and shoved the rest of the sausage into his mouth.

On the kitchen counter stood plates of bagels, donuts, sticky buns, sausages, ham, and eggs. Who had made breakfast? I didn’t see Maggie anywhere.

“If I showed him, he’d follow me around like a dog after a bone,” Liam said. “And a boy like that would be like a noose around my neck.”

Whatever Tack said in response flew over my head as I walked to Sully, who sat at the head of the table. Song was to his left, folding half a slice of bread into his mouth. He didn’t look as haggard as last night, riddled with guilt over the part he had been forced to play in my abduction.

Sully rocked his chair back, making room for me. I plopped my ass down into his lap, and I smiled as he grunted.

“Be careful, or you’ll damage the goods, love,” he said. “Don’t you want to use them again later?”

“Maybe tomorrow.” I took his face in my hands and kissed him. I swirled my tongue into his mouth, humming at the sweet taste of sugar I found. I released his lips and licked mine. “I’m still a little sore from last night.”

“Well, you’ve got nowhere to be today, so sleep in.” He picked up a glazed donut and held it up to my mouth. “Here, you must be hungry.”

“I am.” I took a huge bite and moaned. Sully narrowed his eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. I mean it. You wore me out last night.”

“Get used to it.” He licked a bit of sugar from my bottom lip.

Someone sighed loudly. “Sully’s so romantic. Look how patient he is feeding Kit. Do you even know what romance means, Liam?”

Good gravy. If Tack continued to poke at Liam like this, he would push him over the edge one day. And then what? I opened my mouth to warn Tack to be gentle, but Sully leaned forward and kissed my neck.

“Don’t,” he murmured.

“But they’re getting worse.” I pouted. “I really wanted them to like each other. Wouldn’t it have been fun to go on double dates together?”

“Hmm, what if I tell you I have some juicy gossip that you’ll love?”

I jerked back and peered at Sully. “About what?”

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