Hook (A Hitman's Bait 2) - Page 88

“Come out with your hands up. Hands where I can see them.”

The man scrambled out of the car, holding his hands in the air. His shoulder was bleeding. He shuffled forward and fell onto his knees, cursing under his breath.

“Where the fuck is he?” I snarled. “Let him out of the car now.”

“I don’t have him.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me.” I refused to believe it. Kit had to be in there. I picked up his weapons and threw the back door of the car open. Empty.

“You fucking asshole. You’re going to tell me everything about where they’re taking him, you hear me? I’ll force everything about the Grimaldos out of you.”

The man stared back at me, and then he laughed, showing bloody gums. “Good luck. You couldn’t have picked a worse man to betray Javier Grimaldo.”

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