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Chapter 17

“Whatdoyouthink?” When I didn’t get an answer, I turned to Kit. He was looking around instead of watching me make an impressive shot. “Kit, are you paying attention?”

Kit swung his gaze back to me, giving me a wide “innocent” smile. “Yes, of course I am.”

“In which direction did I just hit the ball?”

“Umm.” He bit his bottom lip in concentration and glanced around while bouncing on the balls of his feet. “That way?”

I shook my head, but he looked too cute to be annoyed. He’d been so excited about coming with me to the country club today. I’d been hesitant at first but then remembered Pinelli never came to the club on Tuesdays, which was the reason I visited mainly on that day unless we had a meeting.

“Did you really want to come to the country club?” I asked. “We can do something else.”

“No, you were excited about golfing with me this morning. I didn’t even know you liked to golf.”

“But you’re not having fun.”

“It’s just that—”


“I had this idea that being your sexy caddy was going to be so much fun.” He made a face at me. “It’s work, Sully. Hard work.”

I laughed at the look of horror on his face. “Tell me more about what you thought being a caddy entailed?”

“Weeell, I didn’t want to say anything.” He placed his hands on his hips. “But you haven’t looked at me once since you got that putter in your hands. I’m jealous of the damn putter, Sully. You were supposed to be distracted from your game because you were too busy thinking of a good place where we can do it.”

“Hmm.” I stroked my chin. “Seems you thought long and hard about this. I’ve been throwing you off your plans, haven’t I?”

“Yes.” He tugged on the brim of the cap he wore. “And this thing is ruining my hair.”

I stepped up to him and cupped his chin. “But it looks so adorable on you.”

“It does?”


“See? This is the way I imagined you would look at me today.”

“All right, then. I’ll be a better boyfriend and focus less on my golf and more on you today. Does that sound good?”

He nodded. “Thank you.”

I swooped in for a kiss, sliding my hand down his back and palming his ass.

“Sully.” He squirmed. “Not so obvious. People are around.”

“I thought you enjoyed other people watching us.”

“Not here, where they didn’t ask for it,” he whispered.

“Got it.” I turned to the two men we’d made the rounds with and their caddies. One watched us with a look of disdain. “Sorry about that,” I called out. “My partner just looks so damn hot I can’t keep my hands off him. A huge distraction from golfing, for sure.”

Kit groaned, but I could tell he loved every minute of that display. What did he do to me? I’d never been big on PDA, and here I was practically shouting at other people that my boyfriend was too hot to resist.

“Come on, sexy boyfriend caddy.” I shoved the putter into the bag, gripped the pushcart, and took Kit’s hand. “Let’s go to the next hole.”

Kit definitely perked up and was a shameless flirt for the rest of our round. I missed putts that were easy to sink just for him. I copped a feel of his body whenever he was near and kissed him whenever I holed a ball.

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