Hook (A Hitman's Bait 2) - Page 41

“Then why didn’t you say something about it?”

“Because I don’t want to accuse him. I want him to come to me and tell me himself what he did. It’s called cultivating trust in a relationship.”

“You’re a relationship guru now?”

“No, but I’m positive my way will work.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Tonight we’re going to a club to celebrate Kit getting his license. I know he likes to dance, so he’ll enjoy it.”

“A celebration for a fake driver’s license?”

“Yes, and I need you to be here at nine. That’s when we’ll leave. Can you make it?”

“Yeah, my call earlier canceled tonight’s plans, so I’m free.”

Of course, that was what his call had been about.

“Good. And whatever happens, you can’t breathe a word to Kit that we know the license is fake. Again, it’s important for him to be the one to tell me.”


“Okay, I’m ready.” Kit swooped into the living room, where I’d been waiting on him, contemplating how far I was willing to take this charade for him to confess to me he hadn’t really passed his driving test. It’d been difficult to pretend all day that I didn’t know and not show my disappointment in him for not trusting me.

My heart stopped, then beat in double time. Holy hell. Kit wore shiny pink pants, the high-cut sides held together with lace strings. I gulped. He wasn’t wearing underwear. The matching midriff top had long sleeves. The same lace strings, loosely tied at the front, held the material together while showing off his chest. He had on heels, strappy ones that displayed his colorful kitty-printed toenails. He’d gone all out with his makeup, eyebrows full and perfectly arched, eyelashes that were thicker than I remembered them being earlier, and glitter eyeshadow.

“Cat got your tongue?”

I nodded, unashamed to admit it. “You look fucking hot.”

“You approve, then? I wondered if it was too much for you.”

I walked over to him and tilted his chin to get a better look at his face. “You can never be too much, Kit. I love that you can one minute feel comfortable wearing something unassuming, then another going all out with your appearance.”

His pink lips stretched into a smile. “I know how you love showing me off, so I wanted to make sure I did you proud.”

I brushed back a strand of his hair. He’d straightened it, and whatever he’d put in gave it a wet, sultry look like he’d just stepped out of the shower, and I loved it.

“I’m always proud to have you on my arm, Kit. No matter what. I hope you realize that.”

He stared at me. Please just tell me the truth.

“All right, then, let’s go dancing at the club.”

He turned, and disappointment flowed through me. For a second, I’d thought he was going to come clean.

“Are we picking up Liam on the way?” he asked.

“He’s waiting outside. Got here five minutes ago.”

“Oops. I hope I didn’t keep you two waiting for long.”

“You’re worth waiting for.”

He flashed me a dazzling smile over his shoulder that stole my breath away. Tonight was going so perfectly that I almost gave up on forcing the truth out of him.

Liam was leaning against the car, talking into his phone. When we approached, he ended the call and shoved the device into his pocket. What was with all these mystery calls lately? Was it really just the booty call he’d mentioned?

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