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“Sully.” He flipped me over onto my back and slanted his lips over mine in a kiss that went on for hours. At least that was how long it seemed. I was breathless when his tongue left my mouth. “There’s something—” Fuck.

He kissed down my neck and chest and found my nipple with his mouth. He bit the little nub, then sucked on it. I pressed a hand to his hair and moaned, giving myself up to what he was doing to me. Nothing mattered but him and his lips.

Sully trailed lower to my cock. He avoided the piercings in the head of my cock, but it didn’t stop him from running his tongue down my shaft. I almost regretted the magic cross piercing. Almost.

My shorts and underwear ended up on the floor. Sully spread my legs and tilted my hips toward his mouth. I held my breath and let it out as his lips settled over my hole and his tongue pushed inside me. It was shameful the way he held me wide open for him, like a sacrifice to the gods of exceptional ass-licking. The man tongue-fucked me close enough to the abyss before he was rubbing lube along his cock. A second later, he was stretching me open with his thick shaft, sliding deep inside my body.

“Fuck,” Sully grunted. “Push your ass out for me, kitty.”

I did as he asked. He rocked into me, slow and deep, hissing as my slackened ridges slid up and down his cock. Sully undulated his hips with each thrust, his cock digging and searching. I clung to the bedsheets, whimpering. I wanted him to fuck me harder, but at the same time, I loved every slow drag of his cock inching in and out of me.

No one had ever fucked me with such careful consideration. It was as if he didn’t dare miss a stroke, the way he watched our bodies join in fascination.

“Oh fuck, Kit,” he moaned over and over like my body was the Sistine Chapel, and he’d come to worship.

And I let him. Who would be crazy enough to give up such adoration?

He pressed my knees forward into my chest and bowed his head to kiss me. I thrust my tongue into his mouth and mimicked the way he fucked me. I couldn’t stop kissing him. With a hand in his hair, I held him to me while I stroked my shaft with the other. His mouth slipped off mine, but he made no attempt to shift away from me.

We didn’t kiss, but we were so close our lips still touched. I licked my bottom lip and ended up licking his too. His hot breath hit my face, and I couldn’t take it anymore. The coil inside me sprang, and I choked out a gasp as I came, jetstreams of cum shooting up my chest and his stomach.

“You’re the prettiest boy I know, Kit.”

I opened my eyes, meeting the sincerity in his. “Come inside me.”

“My favorite place to be.” He groaned and buried his face into the crook of my neck as he came so hard he shook on top of me.

Sully fell on the bed beside me. “Good morning.”

I smiled. “It is now. That was amazing, Sully.”

“Yeah?” He tried to hide his smile, how pleased he was, but I wouldn’t let him.

I poked his cheek. “I think sex with you is so great because you give so much and always make sure I come too.”

“What time is it? I have a feeling I slept way too long.”

“Maybe. Do you have anywhere to be today?”

“No. You?”

“Nope. I’m trying not to think about my driver’s test tomorrow.”

“We can practice today if you want.”

I sat up in bed and pushed my hair back from my face. “Nope. I already told you. I can’t learn from you or Liam. You make me nervous.”

“But the classes have been good, right?”

“I think so.”

If only I could keep my cool tomorrow, I just might prove to him and Liam—especially Liam—that I was good enough to drive a car.

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” Sully came up behind me and kissed my shoulder. “You take as long as you need. I’ll provide you with a chauffeur until you get your license.”

“If you do that, I’ll never learn to drive.” I tilted my head back, and he kissed me. “We should hit the shower. I made you breakfast, which is probably cold now.”

“It’s okay. I’ll eat it because you made it.”

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