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I blinked several times. “I don’t understand.” Why hadn’t Sully told me? He knew how upset I’d been about this place closing. How could he have saved it and kept it a secret from me? Didn’t he know how I’d agonized over the past week trying to come up with a solution?

“I think what he’s trying to say, Kit, is that Sully beat you to saving this place. Isn’t that sweet of him?”

“Oh, dear.” Hugh covered his mouth with his hands.

“What?” I asked.

“I think I’ve said too much. You didn’t know Mr. Matthews purchased the café?”

“No. I wouldn’t be here giving you my entire savings if I had a clue.”

“Oh god, you’re just the kindest.” He squeezed my hand and groaned. “Now I’m going to have to apologize to Mr. Matthews for ruining the surprise that he bought this place for you.”

“For me?” My mouth fell open.

“Yes, it’s in your name. I was a witness to the contract.”

I sucked in a deep breath. “Sully bought the café for me?”

“Looks like he did.” Tack sighed dramatically. “Doesn’t this remind you of a romance movie, Hugh?”

The man chuckled. “It sure does. Mr. Matthews is very fond of you, Kit. He seemed so pleased with buying the café for you. And I had to ruin what I’m sure would have been an amazing surprise.”

I could hardly wrap my head around it still. Sully had bought me the café I’d tried to save. It was mine.

I swallowed and smiled. “Well, I’m relieved we saved this place, but I do think a big thank-you is in order for Mr. Matthews. Tack, we should go.”

Tack and I rose to our feet. I gave Hugh a hug, and he squeezed me. “I can’t thank you and Mr. Matthews enough.”

“No, Hugh. You keep this place running, and I’m the one who’s grateful to be able to come here and de-stress.”

Back in Tack’s car, I sucked on the rest of my drink hard. My head was still reeling.

“Oh, fuck, brain freeze.” I slapped my forehead over and over until the pain faded.

“Are you all right, man?” Tack asked. “You seem to be freaking out.”

“Wouldn’t you?” I rolled the cup between my hands. “This isn’t jewelry or clothes, Tack. He bought me a fucking business.”

“Aren’t you happy about it?”

“I am. Happy and so afraid at the same time.”

“What are you afraid of? Doesn’t this prove how much Sully loves you?”

“But that’s exactly it, Tack. It’s one thing for him to tell me he loves me, but it’s another when he actually proves it.” My eyes stung. “He knew how much this café meant to me, and he not only saved it but gave it to me.”

He gave my hand a squeeze. “What are you going to do now?” I stared at him, and he chuckled. “Why are you looking at me like I just asked a stupid question?”

“Because what do I have to give a man who has done something like this for me?”

“Sex is always a good option.”

“What kind of position do you recommend for ‘thanks for buying me a fucking cat café’?” I quirked my eyebrow.

“Umm. I don’t know. I’ve never had someone buy me a cat café before.”

I slumped back against the seat. “I have nothing but my body to offer him, Tack,” I said softly. “Is it enough?”

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