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She giggled. “No. My girlfriend and I have been together for two years.”


She went silent.

“Yulia? You have a girlfriend?”

“Please don’t be disappointed,” she said in a small voice. “I love her, and she’s really great.”

Why hadn’t Mom told me about this? She was happy to chat about everything and everyone else in the family. Did they think I would disapprove?

“Milo, please say something. Are you upset that I’m a lesbian?”

“What? Of course not.”

“Are you sure? Because you went quiet.”

“I’m positive, sis. It doesn’t matter who you love as long as they care about you.”

“Really? Because Mom wasn’t so sure how you’d take the news.”

“If I had a problem with it, Yulia, I wouldn’t be living with a guy.”

I cringed once the words had come out. I’d never planned to tell my family about Kit. Not because I was afraid of what their reaction would be, but because I knew exactly what it would be. They would want to know everything about him, and now Mom would insist more than ever that I visit and bring Kit along.

“You have a boyfriend, Milo? Or did you get married?”

“Not married,” I muttered. “But yes, I have a boyfriend. Keep it a secret, though. No telling Mom.” It was futile to say that to her, but I had to at least try.

“Wow, Milo. I never thought you were gay.”

“Bi, but yeah, I’m with a guy.”

“What’s he like?”

Summing Kit up in words was impossible. “The sweetest partner I could ask for. He’s funny and quirky.”

“Is he handsome?”

“He’s beautiful.” Inside and out.

Footsteps approached, and I glanced up. Liam entered the kitchen with two boxes of pizza.

“Yulia, you’ve been on the phone with me longer than you should,” I said. “Go now, and don’t forget to dispose of the phone.”

“I won’t forget. Can I call you again, Milo?”

She shouldn’t. The more we kept in touch, the easier we were to target.


“Yessss! I love you.”

“I love you too.” I disconnected the call and stared at the phone.

“Was that your sister Yulia?” Liam asked.


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