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“I’m not done with you yet,” I advise.

She whimpers in reply, body melting, boneless.

I turn her to her belly and slide back inside while I continue to play with her perfect curvy ass, the sound of flesh slapping flesh along with the sweet song of my Amelia continuing to whimper. I watch her fists flex as she clenches the bedding. My eyes graze her perfect skin marred only by goosebumps that I know I’ve brought. She fucking loves this. She loves my cock, my knot, my fingers and my mouth. And I’m absolutely sure of it by the emotion coming at me from her tonight, she’s ready to let herself fall in love with me.

“I love you, baby,” I say, leaning over close enough to look into her eyes, which snap open. “I do. I love you.” I kiss her lips and her eyes drift closed, a tear sliding out of one. I dot kisses up to her eyelid, before catching the tear on her cheek. “I know this down to my soul. You might not be ready to say it back, but I feel it from you. You love me, too. It’s okay to love me, Amie. It’s safe. I fucking swear to you it’s safe to love me back. Fall with me. Feel this with me. It’s amazing, baby. Let yourself have it. Not just for one night. Let yourself have it. I’m all yours.”

I pull out, flip her to her back and she grabs on, clamping tighter around my cock while gripping me with her arms and legs. She weeps as I continue to fuck her. There’s still emotion coming at me from her and now it’s not pain. Instead, it’s beautiful. It’s falling down on me like more warm rain, every drop hitting my skin expanding into more emotion. I soak those beautiful emotions in, every perfect one of them as I continue to fuck her for hours non-stop, pulling climax after climax from her before she falls asleep in my arms, mouth swollen from the kissing, my back and my ass cheeks marked up from her fingernails, my shoulder showing her teeth marks. I could go another round, but she needs sleep.

Our bodies glisten with perspiration and the sheets are damp from a combination of the shower, sweat, and our mating juices, so I roll us to the slightly drier side. I’m purring for her. She’s smiling while sleeping. And I could not fucking be happier.



I wake up in the dark.

I’m confused. I feel something strange, something sort of… bereft.

I bolt up to sitting, clutching the covers to my naked body while my eyes dart around the dark space. Wrapping the top sheet around myself like a toga, I rise shakily.

Mason. Where is he?

It’s wet between my thighs. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I peed the bed. But I do know better. As I walk toward the bathroom, fluid trickles down my inner thighs. I wipe it away with tissue as I sit and use the toilet, then rise, wash my hands and face, then brush my teeth before I throw on his turtleneck from yesterday and wander downstairs on rubbery legs.

It’s dark. Quiet. The display on the microwave says 6:17. I look outside. Mason’s truck. My car. I look downstairs. Dark. Out the window out back. No sign of Mason. Where is he?

My heart feels like it’s thumping at a strange tempo, and too hard against my chest wall. Something is wrong. I’m trembling. I’m not sure what this is, but putting my proverbial nurse hat on right now, I suspect I’m having a panic attack.

I go back to the front foyer and among the stuff he brought in from Mom’s van last night, I see the table has his keys, wallet, and phone. My heart plummets. I search upstairs again, this time checking the rooms on the second floor. There are three good-sized rooms and a bathroom along with the loft area that serves as another living space. The bedrooms are empty, not even any furniture in them. Future kid bedrooms, obviously, since the basement has two guest rooms. One of the second-floor rooms has an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet. It’s big enough to be a master, too, in case someone preferred to be next to their kids’ rooms, which I’m sure I would. If I had kids.

My heart aches a little amid my distress. It’s that familiar ache I’ve grown used to. He built this house for a family. A family he wouldn’t mind adopting according to him.

I feel like I’m about to hyperventilate, so I take some steadying breaths, feeling the echoes of the wonderful things he said last night. But being by myself just feels wrong.

I go back up to his bedroom and strip the sheets off the bed. I take a fast but thorough shower before I dress in yoga pants and a hoodie, and then I find clean bedding in the closet, so I put it on and take the dirty bedding to the laundry room in the basement.

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