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Never knew how good this would feel. Not a fucking clue.

A smile pulls at my lips as I think about her earlier, having fun at Roxy’s. Being friendly with Sean. Smoking a fuckin’ stogie. Joking around, ribbing my council co-alphas and showing she’s compatible with the pack. Nearly knocking Bailey down with her crazy, uninhibited, sexy dancing, then laughing in hysterics with Bailey in a sweet, sisterly way, before trying to conspire with her about something that made Bailey blush – likely something to do with her crush on Jase.

Pulling herself together to help Gus with his head wound. Talking medical stuff over with Cat in a way that showed respect despite how angry she was the other day about her sister. Hugging my parents goodbye tonight. Lighting up both Dad’s and my mother’s faces, showing she’s going to be a perfect addition to the family. To the pack. To my life.

I’m drifting toward sleep, my body more relaxed than it has been in weeks, but then I hear the echo of Cicely’s warning from tonight about Amelia. My woman is smart, beautiful, feisty. But she’s also insecure, unsure, and has what feels akin to self-loathing. She’s terrified of what we have. And I know it’s not gonna be simple. I’m sure the resistant Amelia will be back in the sober, probably hungover morning light, but I’m absolutely all in to put in whatever work it takes to make her believe that not only does she have me, not only is it meant to be that way, but that she deserves to have the happy ending she’s doubtful she’ll get. And I’m grateful she showed me tonight a bit of who I’ll get when I succeed at making her believe.

She didn’t even ask about the meeting with the witches. Tonight, she was living in the moment, enjoying the now. Tomorrow, I’ve got to meet with the guys at dawn, which is only half a night’s sleep away, which is par for the course for me this past few weeks, but with any luck I’ll be back in bed beside her before she wakes, and then I can lose myself in her again and then get some more sleep.


“Just… quickly pull it back,” Tyson says. “Slow… let it halfway out, do it slow, then just before it’s out, yank it back fast. Next time, you could let it finish coming, but slow. Practice slowing it down each time you shift and you’ll gain more control over it.”

Linc misses and becomes wolf and barks loudly out of frustration before throwing himself onto his belly on the ground.

“You’ll get it, Lincoln,” Tyson assures.

Joel takes a shot and manages it for a count of about three before he finishes the shift. Jase already held it for a count of two before sliding to wolf. So far, Greyson holds it the longest and manages to pull back to man instead of landing on wolf, which is the best of us so far. I’ve given up trying after three attempts. I’m so fucking tired, it has to be why I can’t manage this.

Grey does it again, successfully, and this time for a longer count.

“Good work, Greyson,” Tyson slaps his back when he’s back to man form.

“I’ll try again next time. I’m too fucking tired today,” I say, leaned against the cave wall.

“Why so tired?” Jase asks with humor in his voice.

Tyson cracks a smile.

We’re in the cave behind Arcana Falls. All but Riley. I’m looking forward to the seven of us going for a run together for the first time. It’s probably not happening any time soon.

Grey talked to Rye and described him as furious, as determined, but as having his shit marginally more together today than it was yesterday, which is something at least.

The six of us met at the four corners this morning. I got there second; Tyson was waiting. Having a couple minutes alone was probably a good way to start things off.

“Hey,” he greeted my wolf in man form. I’d run there after shifting, leaving Amelia in my bed, soft, warm, and snoring like a little lawnmower.

I shifted to man and extended my hand. “Good morning.”

He took my hand and we exchanged more than the handshake. There were currents of familiarity, of the pack bond, and of a mutual understanding.

“We’re good, Mason,” Tyson said.

“Thanks for that reassurance. I appreciate it. I can’t tell you how fucked it felt.” I slapped his back affectionately as he let my hand go.

“Fucked?” he asked, showing he was open to hear my side.

“I didn’t know myself. I wasn’t one with myself or my wolf, and there was this other dark shadow, this confusion. But the minute I laid eyes on Amie, I knew. I knew without a shred of doubt she was mine. And that’s what brought me back to myself.”

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