Twisted (Savage Alpha Shifters 2) - Page 121

Me. I’m his, he’s mine, even if it’s just for tonight and fuck… the sounds he’s making and the way his body is responding to what I’m doing, I feel like I could come again if just a slight breeze hits me between the legs.

I continue working him with my lips, my tongue, my fingers, and then I run my middle finger straight down his sac, down the line and just as my finger is about to breach his butt, I’m being flipped to my back, my arms pinned over my head and he’s slamming that hard, hot, wet cock inside my pussy.

Yes. This.

This. Is. Sensational.

His eyes hit mine for a moment before his lips come closer and touch mine again. He releases my wrists. I wrap my arms around him and dig my nails into his back as he swivels his hips, then starts to vibrate.

“Nothin’ in my ass, wildberry,” he warns.

I giggle. But then, vibrations rev up inside me as he expands, still gyrating his hips, and I swear it feels like there are fireworks going off between our bodies.

He's never done this to anyone but me. I’m the only one who has had this sensation from Mason Quinn. My man. My wolf shifter. Mine.

I cry out into his mouth, feeling his hand slide up my body until it rests cupping my jaw. He’s pinning me in place so he can stare into my eyes as I come undone yet again. He watches intently and for once I don’t feel self-conscious. I feel uninhibited. I feel … free.

The orgasm continues to rip through me with vibrations that I swear knock my soul loose, freeing it from the chokehold it has been living in for months.

“Mason,” I whimper.

“Yeah, Amelia. Feel that. Feel me. Feel it, wildberry. Fuck, you’re mine. I’m so fucking glad you’re mine, baby. Nobody is ever gonna take you from me. Not ever.”

He then roars animalistically as he releases, and the hot cum that’s filling me, that’s leaking out of me, feels incredible. It feels like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. There’s no place I’d rather be in at this very moment. I feel like I’m exactly where I should be.

My eyes drift shut and a tear trickles down my cheek and drips off my jaw. I blow out a long breath. My heart is beating so fucking fast.

Mason moves away from me and then he’s wiping between my thighs with something, a towel I think. He’s cleaning up the mess and I’m drifting. I hear him crack open a bottle of water and guzzle what sounds like most of it down before cold lips touch my cheekbone and then my mouth.

“Sweet dreams, beautiful, perfect wife. Pretty sure that though I’ve never felt this before so have no frame of reference…”

I open my eyes as he verbally goes for the throat. “I’m falling in love with you. And Amie, I am so fucking happy about it.”

“Me, too,” I whisper sleepily, holding my hand out until I feel his lips touch my fingertips. I rake my nails across his face gently. “Don’t shave tomorrow, okay?”

He chuckles. “Okay, baby. Hope you’re this agreeable when you’re sober in the morning.”

“Naw. I just let myself have this tonight.”

“Hm?” His lips touch the inside of my wrist.

“I let myself have it for just tonight.” I mutter and then feel my hand drift to the sheets as my eyes get impossibly heavy.


I slip down a long yellow slide like one of the ones at the water park, though I’m not in my bathing suit. I’m in my wedding dress. I know I’ve slipped straight into a dream. I know it’s a dream because I’m somewhere else and Auntie Nelle is there. She’s sitting on a cloud hovering over a weeping willow tree with wispy blue angel wings and a big smile on her face.

“Freefall, beautiful girl,” she says, “He’ll catch you.”

The slide I’m sitting on disappears and I fall. I fall toward pink clouds, and I know they won’t stop me from plummeting, but I’m not afraid of what’s beyond them.



“I let myself have it for just tonight.” She mumbles sleepily.

“Have what, baby?” I ask, brushing hair away from her forehead with my fingertips.

“The thing I want,” she mutters, breath evening out, lashes resting on her cheeks.

“What do you want?”

“Weeee!” She smiles. “That’s fun.”

What’s she talking about? “What’s fun?”

She doesn’t answer. She’s sinking into slumber.

“Amie?” I whisper. “What are you letting yourself have tonight?”

“You,” she says softly, then turns away and promptly snores into the pillow.

Emotion bubbles up in me and I wrap myself around her back and hold on, feel her warm, soft body mold itself to my frame. I take in her delicious scent that’s right now laced with sex, with my scent, as it should be. And despite how fucking exhausted I am, I lay for a while just soaking in the feeling of her in my bed, in my arms, my beautiful, frustrating, complicated mate.

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