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“Ah, baby,” I press my mouth to the back of her neck as I gather her hair into my fist. I jet inside her again, with more cum than I’ve ever released, then my knot slowly abates.

Fuck, that was good. Fuck, that wasn’t just good; it was everything.

I can’t wait to do it again.

I turn her to her back and lavish attention on her gorgeous breasts. They’re full, perfect, with silky though erect nipples. Her eyes are closed, her cheeks tear-streaked, her perfect pink lips formed into a small letter o as she blows out a slow breath while grabbing me like she plans to hang on forever.

“You feel so, so fucking good, Amelia,” I say.

No, she’s not looking at me, but grips me even tighter. Clinging like she needs to.

“Happy wedding day,” I say.

And the way her body jolts, I know I’ve slid out too soon. I immediately grow hard again, so I slide back inside.

This is where I belong. Inside this woman. My woman. Mine.

Her eyes bolt open and stare directly into mine. I watch as they fill with panic. She grabs her neck and then looks at her fingers, likely expecting blood. She’s not bleeding. She pulls her lips tight and looks like she’s about to speak, protest, but I swivel my hips and pinch her nipple while my lips touch hers. My tongue then dips inside to touch the tip of hers and she whimpers around it.

I feel her everywhere. This, with her – it is the most perfect coupling I’ve experienced. I can’t just call it sex, because it’s so much more than that. And anything sexual I’ve experienced before today pales in contrast. I’m not sure I could conjure up a comparison if I tried because nobody has mattered until now.

She matters. The way she feels, smells, the way she tastes – I know nothing else about her other than the fact that she obviously loves her sister, she’s feisty and brave, and that she tastes and feels like I’ve found my heaven without having to transcend. It’s all I need right now. The knowledge she’s mine. I’ll look forward to getting to know her. Everything about her. Every inch of her, every strand of hair on her head. And we’ve got a lifetime for that.

I piston my hips as she milks my cock and I knot again, coming inside her, marveling at how good this feels, listening to her cry out in ecstasy while I spill into her. My orgasms with her last several times longer than any others I’ve had, several times more intense. Feeling her tight, hot walls convulsing around my knot is my new favorite thing. My mouth finds hers again. Her lips have tears on them. She’s weeping.

When my knot releases, I flip us so I can gather her on top. We’re on top of the blankets, so I yank the side of the blanket to drape it over her. Her arms are wrapped around my neck, her face buried under my chin, her body trembling as she cries.

A rumbling noise comes from my chest while I stroke the silky soft skin of her back. An alpha’s purr. It’s something I know but also something I’ve never done before. It was dormant in me and has been woken. Like the claim bite. Like the knot. All of this was inside me waiting for the woman who is mine.

And I’m relieved at the clarity I feel. I feel like myself. Only more. In the best way. No confusion. Zero shadows. No preoccupation with another alpha’s mate. No doubt in my mind that this woman is mine.

I’m so fucking happy.

She’s crying for a long time, not pushing me away, letting me comfort her with my purr, and it feels like a gift. The tears dripping on me aren’t pain. This is something else.

I think she feels the significance of this. Her tears seep in through my pores and it feels like any part of me that was broken the past week has now been fused back together. Fortified and stronger than ever.

I roll us away from the damp section of the bed, purring while I rub my hand over the swell of her sweet ass, kissing the top of her head and bringing us to the opposite side. Finally, the sniffles and shudders stop and her breathing evens out. She’s fallen asleep on me. The ultimate sign of trust. I empty my lungs of breath and kiss her head again, soaking this in.

I haven’t been sleeping much this past week, so I take advantage of the moment, of the quiet, of how perfect she feels on me, at how my world is perfect – what a sharp contrast this is to how I felt just hours ago. This is real, it’s right, and it’s everything I never knew I was waiting for. I drift off, too.

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