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Not too hot and not too cold.

Just right for her.

“It’s perfect,” she smiles. “And so are you,” she says swiftly, pecking my cheek and making my heart swell in my chest.

“You’re perfect,” I remind her, holding her gaze as I ease her into the tub, and once she’s settled, I navigate my own way in.

I rest her leg and ankle on my shoulder, my leg holding hers up easily.

“Gotta keep this elevated after a workout like that,” I tell her. But I know she wouldn’t mind the setback to her recovery if there is one.

But I doubt it.

I think we’ve both got the cure we were after, and it isn’t long before her moans reach my ears again.

But this time, little and content moans.

The sound of someone fully claimed and totally relaxed. Looking happier than I think I’ve ever seen anyone.

My expression matches hers, though.

What little of it I can catch as the huge mirrors cloud over with steam completely, leaving us both to soak in the soothing tub.

Our bodies intertwine, and I probe her in other ways, asking a little more about her, but ultimately leading the conversation back to her and me.


A future.

Although, I can see after a while her mind’s turning back to the not too distant past. Her apartment. Her job.

Everything that’s behind her now. In time she’ll forget about it altogether. That life of living in shithole towers on Struggle Street is over.

Never again. She’ll never have to even think about worrying about anything from now on.

I have her now, and she is mine. And I’m all hers.

And having nothing but the future ahead of us, I promise myself not to push her too hard about telling me everything on our first day together.



Losing my virginity to Foxx is so special. Everything I was always so worried about disappears because it’s him whenever it crosses my mind.

It’s like we’ve known each other our entire lives already.

And once I’m totally done, once I know there’s nothing left but the beautiful afterglow, his body is still as strong as steel, supporting my ankle in the tub.

I know that this is it.

This is my new life.

Even though I feel my mind drifting back to my old life, the old me. He touches on it, wanting to know more. But honestly, my life to this point hasn’t been anything I want to even think about, let alone talk about.

Not today. Not on our special day.

I know Foxx wants to talk about us too, though, about kids and a family of our own. And not a someday kind of thing either. It’s an as soon as possible kind of feeling I pick up on, noting his eager expression, the way he looks bigger and stronger somehow just talking about it.

Foxx is gonna make a great dad.

Though he doesn’t say it point blank, it’s not hard to know what he’s talking about because I feel exactly the same way.

He says things like, “There’s just so much room here. It’ll be nice to have some life at home instead of just these big, empty rooms.”

And, “There’s the lake house too. I’ve got a house in the suburbs closer to a good school….”

That kind of thing. It’s the kind of conversation I’d never expect from any guy, especially after he’s just had his way with me.

I always thought if I ever did lose my virginity, that I’d be a pity fuck. Something some guy would regret once his hormones had simmered down. Seeing me naked after the fact and having second thoughts, making a dash for the door.

But with Foxx, it’s nothing like that. And he’s certainly not like any other guy or man walking around out there.

And he’s not going anywhere either.

My eyelids get heavy hearing him talk, and I end up murmuring my answers until it feels like I’ll fall asleep in the tub.

Foxx lets me know it’s okay if I do. I mumble something about being sorry, being a party pooper, flaking out on him after he’s finally claimed me. But it only seems to make Foxx more determined to let me know that anything I do, want, or say is fine by him.

“I’ve got you, Mandy,” he reminds me, gently pressing his body supportingly against my soft one.

This is the most relaxed I think I’ve ever been.

Definitely the safest I’ve felt in ages, and all my concerns about my old life feel like the steaming water is absorbing them in the tub.

The sound of myself giggling, jars me from nearly falling asleep.

“What is it?” Foxx asks, returning the little crease of a smile I’m wearing.

“You said there was no rush…no hurry for you to claim me, and that hasn’t taken you very long,” I answer him, noting his quizzing expression as his face shifts.

“So, I’m just wondering how long it is before you have me barefoot and pregnant. A litter of kids running around our feet.”

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