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One hand yanks her good thigh a little wider, the other returning to squeeze that ample chest of hers.

It’s a good thing my hands are as big as they are, and I can run them over every inch of her that’s within reach as my mouth explodes with the taste of her pure, sweet essence.

She calls out, then shivers, trying to giggle and apologize, sounding awkwardly adorable.

I lap at her pussy lips, crimp her swollen bud between my lips and lift my mouth just long enough to tell her she can scream her fucking head off.

“We’ve got the whole top floor to ourselves, Mandy…and these examinations can take some time,” I gasp.

Choosing to show her just how demanding a full oral exam can be over talking about it. I slip inside her and feel the tightness of her tunnel with the tip of my tongue. Her juices are already painting the edges of my mouth. I groan along with her, relishing everything about her.

Her little sounds, the way her body squirms and twitches with each touch, each nibble, and each puckering suck of my mouth on her tender little pussy.

Her hands shift quickly from running across my broad shoulders to my hair. Then, after a few moments of showing her just how thorough a doctor I am for her, she tugs. Gripping my hair and scalp the same way she gripped my cock in the car.

And I can already feel my need to come starting to overtake my senses.

“Mandy…” I grunt. “I need you so bad… I wanna fuck you ‘til you cream on my cock… Will you cream for me? Will you be my cream and sugar for real?”

She growls my name in reply, grunting the word ‘yes’ over and over, her grip on my hair guiding me straight back to her quaking mound.

Now, this is one creamed coffee that goes down really well…



If Foxx kissing me is like the Fourth of July at night, his mouth on my ready-to-burst center is like a nuclear blast.

If anyone had told me anything could feel so good, I would have thrown myself in front of a car the first day I met him if I knew it would make this happen.

Since the accident, I don’t feel pain in my ankle anymore. And as much as I thought I’d be shy and even too self-conscious about being naked for Foxx, he looks like a man who knows what he wants and has finally found it.

Who knew a guy with his size and looks could ever go for a younger, thick-set, and very inexperienced girl.

And when he growls the words, when he tells me how much he wants to be inside me, when he calls me his cream and sugar? I literally feel something come loose inside me, like a floodgate off its hinges about to burst the banks of the river Mandy.

I shiver a series of yes’s, and he’s more than willing to let me drive stick, using his head to steer as he sucks, laps, and gnaws with his lips on my drenched core.

I want this to last forever. My whole body tingles with renewed excitement each time his huge hands shift to my stiff breasts or just rest on my pulsating belly.

Ripples of my climax start to make me shiver, and I try to tell Foxx, but he knows. He knew how close I was the moment he opened the car door. The moment he carried me inside.

It’s been foolish of us both to think that there was really anything else either of us could do.


I’m glad it ended up on the floor now. This new hunger of mine is fast being satisfied in ways more than any food or drink could ever do.

“Foxx!” I gasp, almost levitating off the sofa as his thick, long tongue reaches a new place. The pressure of his lips on my boiling clit is more than I can stand.


Because I know this is it, and when he orders me to come for him, commands me to feed him his cream and sugar, I’m done.

I stiffen for only a moment before the floodwaters are released, my voice echoing his name loudly as he growls with triumph.

Feasting on my essence as I feel a release like no other.

I barely notice, but both my legs have wrapped themselves around his head and shoulders, pinning his face to my mound, making sure he’s not going anyplace soon, but I don’t think that’s an issue somehow.

He seems to be getting off on this as much as I am, maybe more so, but in his own way. The way an alpha male bares his teeth in triumph, wetting his mouth on his prey.

The chase might be over, but this older Foxx has plenty in the tank, and I know for a fact he’s only warming me up for a proper claiming.

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