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They’re focused on me.

Focused on my crotch, which makes me crease a smile of satisfaction.

“See anything you like?” I tease her, glad when her face turns, she’s blushing. And the smile on her face and the little nod she can manage tells me she does.

I reach for her hand and bring it over to me. My heart is pounding in my ears. I press it straight against the thick bulge of what I have for her through my scrubs.

She gasps but then purrs, taking her newfound hand rest like a duck to water.

I let out a low moan, sounding like a wounded animal by the time she starts to run her palm up and down my stiff cock.

The seed I’m carrying to put in her belly is already rising. I feel the helm of my cock starting to seep and press itself against my pants.

“Ooooh,” she coos, and working her hand inside my pants, we both moan once I feel her hand on my engorged manhood.

“Foxx…,” she shivers. Her teeth are almost chattering as her whole body starts to shudder. With her hand gripping my hot smoothness, she slowly begins to pump me with only a fraction of what I have for her showing.

“It’s… It’s so…,” she stutters.

“So going wherever you want it,” I growl, clenching my jaw and swiftly double-checking the traffic.

We’ve hit a clear run, but I need to focus on driving or having Mandy and my cock get to know one another.

I can’t do both safely right now.

“Mandy,” I caution her, swallowing harder. I want her to keep going, but I seriously did not want to lose my load until I was inside her.

The baby I know we’ll raise together, the start of our own family.

That’s the way it has to be, at least that’s what my instincts have been screaming since the day I laid eyes on her.

“Can’t I just hold it,” she mews, giving another look of surprise at what she’s actually saying.

A few minutes ago, I was just taking her home.

And now?

Well, I think we both know it’s safe to say that nature really is running its course here.

“I want you so bad, Mandy,” is all I can manage to say.

The urge to pull over and just take her right on the hood if I have to is stifling.

But no.

Nobody else is gonna see the prize Foxx has got. Nobody gets to see my cream and sugar getting down and dirty except me.

I did have an idea to head out to my lake house.

But that can wait. My apartment’s way closer, and I don’t know if either of us could or even should wait that long to finish what I’ve just started by simply moving her hand.

“Foxx?” she asks, and I look down at her once we’re at a set of lights.

She’s gnawing at her lip again. Thinking about something.

“What is it?” I ask her. “Too fast?” I add. And I’m not talking about my driving.

Mandy’s quick to shake her head in the negative.

She wants this as much as I do, so what is it?

She looks pained, and although her grip on me still keeps me harder than a stone, I can tell she needs to get something off her chest.

I miss the light turning green, and a car behind us honks.

Once we’re moving again, I take her hand and keep it there in my lap while we drive in silence.

I’m giving her all the time she needs to tell me whatever it is that’s on her mind. We’ve got enough time.

But Jesus, this literally is me ‘focusing hard’ on my driving right now.

A couple of times, Mandy opens her mouth to say something, but I can see she’s trying to find the words, or maybe she’s just as worked up as I am right now.

But whatever it is, one way or another, I’ll have it out of her eventually.

I don’t plan on secrets between us, but whatever it might be must be big enough for her to hesitate.

As I said, we’ve got nothing but time together from now on, and I remind myself to give Mandy some time to get used to the new life I have in mind for us both.

The sight of my building looming up ahead fills me with a thrilling mix of relief and anticipation.

If Mandy’s all hands on deck in the car, imagine what else she’s up for. And all on day one of us being alone. I feel myself swell with more than pride at the thought, having her so close is keeping me insanely hard, and there’s only one cure for that.

I pull up out front, and Mandy looks up to me, bewildered.

“You need to do something before we get to your place?” she asks, maybe assuming I have an errand to run, which makes me smile.

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