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“You got a hearing problem?” Raymond Nelson’s nasty snarl echoed through Dresher Hardware as Austin stood at the back of the store, holding a container of vitamins for Rumor.

Must be the question of the day,he inwardly groused.

Less than an hour ago, Austin had asked the very same thing to Kent Hale—the couldn’t-take-no-for-an-answer lawyer from DC. The persistent cock-bag had called again, pressing him to sell the ranch. Still pissed the man had lied to him about Nelson selling, Austin had ripped into Hale. The slimy prick claimed his deception had simply been an unfortunate misunderstanding, then upped his initial offer ten percent. Roiling with rage, Austin had assured him he wouldn’t sell for any amount.

I’m sorry to hear that, Mr. Carson. Since we’ve reached an impasse, I’ll have to pursue other avenues to acquire your land. Good day.

Hale’s parting shot, or rather threat, had been gnawing at Austin ever since. Things were escalating much too quickly.

“I want half-inch chicken cloth not galvanized steel,” Raymond bellowed. “You got any or don’t ya?”

Save your anger, old man. You’re gonna need it for that cocksucking lawyer.

“On second thought, keep bitching,” Austin muttered before craning his neck, looking for Paige.

He didn’t see her. Maybe she was in another part of the store...alone. He wanted to see her, not just because he wanted to find out if Hale had contacted Raymond and, if not, warn her the bastard would likely call soon, but also because the memory of Paige coming undone in his arms was still searing his brain. He’d nearly rubbed the skin off his cock last night, reliving every quake, clutch, and scream that vibrated through him when Paige shattered. He’d woken this morning to sticky sheets and a dick hard enough to bust concrete. If he didn’t stop jacking off so much, he’d need more vitamins than Rumor. Unfortunately, a chapped cock and protein depletion weren’t his biggest problems. Saving three of the oldest ranches in Haven was.

He was covertly canvassing each aisle, searching for Paige, when his cell phone chimed. He tugged the device from his jeans, glanced at the screen, and grinned.

Payton: Looking for something or…someone, cowboy?

He tucked the vitamins under his arm and quickly replied: Yeah. YOU!

He waited for Paige to respond, turning in a slow circle to see if he could spot where the sneaky minx was spying, when his cell chimed again.

Payton: I noticed last night your boots looked a little scuffed. You ever think about buying a new pair?

Pulse racing, Austin tucked his phone away and sprinted to the back of the store. Sitting on a low bench inside a recessed room stocked with ranch wear, Paige tugged on a pair of rubber work boots. Pausing, she turned her head, then brushed the hair from her face before sending him a megawatt smile.

Austin nearly swallowed his tongue.

“Hey,” she whispered.

“Hey, yourself.”

He quickly glanced behind him to make sure he hadn’t been followed, then ate up the distance between them. Shoving the vitamins on a nearby shelf, he lifted Paige off the bench, wrapped her in his arms, and kissed her…swallowing her startled gasp. She mewled and threw her arms around his neck. Striding toward the corner of the little room, Austin breezed through a faded curtain and into the stockroom. Then he pressed her up against the wall and kissed her senseless.

She felt like heaven and tasted like sin.

With a low, feminine groan, Paige parted her lips. Austin didn’t hesitate, simply plunged deep, sweeping his tongue over the dips and swells he’d memorized the night before. A hint of minty toothpaste stained her tongue. She hadn’t been awake for very long, and the image of her languidly stirring from slumber, all sleepy eyes and tousled hair, made him want to roar.

Skimming his lips, teeth, and tongue down the silky column of her neck, he murmured against her flesh, “You taste as sweet as you did last night, little girl.”

He cupped her breasts and gently strummed her hardened nipples, savoring the pitiful moan vibrating his lips. Austin ached to strip off her top, unclasp her bra, and pull her pillowy flesh into his mouth again. But he was tempting fate enough already. Anyone could walk in the stockroom and see them.

He had to back off, and fast.

Gathering all the willpower he could muster, Austin lifted from her warm flesh and pressed his forehead to hers.


“Morning,” she repeated, breathlessly.

“How are you?”

“Good now. You?”

“Better. Much better. Did you get some sleep last night?”

A pink hue stained her cheeks. “Eventually. How about you?”

“It was a…hard night.”

Her eyes widened and her cheeks flared brighter. “I offered to—”

“Don’t…don’t remind me.”

“Why not?” Her feigned innocence set him on fire. “You don’t want to talk about—”

“Talking is not what I want to do, little girl.”

The demand to devour her was like a living, breathing entity writhing inside him.

“Stop,” she murmured, blush turning crimson.

“Stop what?”

“Looking at me like you want to strip me naked and…”

“Fuck you long, deep, and hard? I do, like you can’t imagine,” he murmured, delighting in the shiver quaking through her. “So behave before my control completely caves.”

“B-but, I’m not doing anything.”

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