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The real her.

She slipped the bra straps from her shoulders and reached around with clumsy fingers to undo the hooks and let the fabric fall away from her breasts. Her nipples hardened into stiff peaks as he unashamedly caressed them with his eyes.

Thrilled and terrified, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties.

He wanted to see her and she wanted to be seen.

By him.

He lifted his head. ‘No, not those.’

Holding her breath, she stood as straight as she could wearing only her panties. ‘Kiss me,’ she whispered—because wasn’t that what she wanted? The heat of him on her? A reminder that she was alive and really living on a day when death had been all around?

Akeem grunted and moved to capture her wrists. ‘I will more than kiss you.’ He drew her into his arms. ‘I will devour you,’ he promised, and pulled her mouth on to his.

His kiss was hungry, and she kissed him back just as hungrily. He pushed her into the throne. The chair was cold and hard against her back, and without his heat against her she felt very naked as he kicked their clothes aside and bent to his knees before her.

‘Now I taste you...’ He groaned, deep in his chest. ‘Kiss you where I long to most.’

Charlotte gasped as he pushed between her thighs. Her hands grabbed at him and moved onto his shoulders.


His fingers pressed deep into her hipbones, holding her in place for his viewing pleasure. He didn’t speak—not with words. But he spoke with his hands. His fingers slid down the arch of her hips. Soft, feather-like touches whispered along the outside of her thighs to move inwards and between her legs. Spreading her thighs wider, he bent forward and flicked his tongue against her concealed opening.

It had never been like this during their youthful relationship. Never this wild or this totally consuming. But she wanted him there, between her legs. She wanted everything. More than his kisses and his soft, yet firm tongue stroking at her slick folds. Her body screamed to feel him inside her. His fingers, his—

His mouth moved up, capturing her nub of nerves, and sucked at her through the fabric of her panties.


The surge of pleasure centred around his mouth made her cry out and arch her body into his kiss. It was an explosion of sensation. Hot and blinding. Akeem’s mouth moved over her with masterful precision, sucking her deeper and deeper into his mouth. The fabric between his mouth and her core was agony personified.

But Charlotte wanted his heaviness—the length of him—inside her.


Breathless, throwing her head back, she choked out, ‘My panties!’ not sure if her fingers at his nape were pulling him in closer or pushing him away so he could complete the task she’d given to him so brazenly.

He moved back, and she whimpered with his absence. His thumbs hooked into the elastic at her waist and he looked up at her from his position on the ground.

‘These?’ he asked. He tugged gently at the elastic and let it pop back against her skin.

She flushed, the heat searing up through the valley of her breasts to slash across her cheeks as his voice, pure husky tones of desire, penetrated her more than the sting of elastic.

‘Take them off,’ she begged, bold and brazen and not caring one bit.

‘Tell me, Lottie—what is the magic word?’

‘Please!’It was a roar—a plea.

Heat and excitement spread from her toes to her tingling lips as, millimetre by agonising millimetre, he pulled them down. The stretchy lace teased her in its slow descent to her ankles. Then with open palms, he worked his way up from her knotted ankle bone back to her thighs.

She wasn’t sure if the rush in her ears was because of what Akeem was doing to her or because the plane was actually tilting.

He parted her legs, hooking her ankles on the jewel-encrusted armrests. He pushed his face into the dark curls and moved his tongue in confident strokes up and down her slick core.

‘Ahh...’she grunted, clawing at his shoulders, moving her hands through his hair and thrashing her body onto his face.

His tongue pushed inside her and she tightened, every muscle stretched and aching for the ping of release. His hand moved over her stomach, pushing into the pressure there. She bit her lip, clamping down as his thumb moved rhythmically over her core and his tongue continued to penetrate her.

Her legs squirmed on the armrests but he kept her legs pinned open with his lips clamped to her core. Charlotte’s control shattered, explosions taking off deep in her abdomen. The plane bounced hard, again and again, but the bounce seemed in sync with her body so she ignored it.

The earth was actually moving.

The orgasm ripping through her was unlike any other, and for a moment she was lost.

Akeem planted a kiss to her pulsing core and whispered, ‘Now every time you say please you will see my face.’

She opened one eye and stared down at him. His face between her thighs was a surreal reality as she came back down to earth.

He smiled. ‘We have arrived, qalbi.’

She winced as she tried to unhook her ankles, and Akeem reached for her. His palms, gentle but firm, closed around her ankles and lowered them for her, placing her feet carefully on the floor.

His eyes burned with glistening need and she felt...decadent.


Anything but predictable.

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