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I whimper.

The hallway is a thousand degrees, and I want to rip off my clothes, but anyone could walk in and see what we're doing. And while it's late and most of the house is in bed, there are men awake, walking the halls, doing whatever they do for work.

Their footsteps approach the hallway, and a shudder courses through my body.

Luka continues grinding his knee up against me. His erection pokes me, and I reach to his belt buckle, wanting to undo his slacks. I want to give him pleasure, touch him and further excite him.

"Nu-uh, this is about you," Luka says and pins my arms against the wall.

I'm in both heaven and hell. I want Luka to ravish me, but I'm not thrilled with the prospect of being seen.

"Upstairs?" I rasp.

Luka's lips tickle my neck, and he slightly pulls back, meeting my gaze. "That can be arranged." He takes my hand and leads me up to his bedroom.

The moment the door is shut, he pushes me up against the wood. Our mouths are fused with heated kisses. We'll never make it to the bed at this rate, and I don't care.

He tugs at my shirt, yanking it off, and tosses it across the room. His bedroom is dimly lit, but his fingers trace the bruises on my neck. Luka's attention is on the blemishes that Mark left behind.

"Be glad he's dead," Luka says, dropping his lips to my neck. "Anyone who lays a finger on you, I'll kill."

I inhale a sharp breath at his words. I never asked for Luka's protection or devotion. A dozen conflicting thoughts begin to race through my mind about Luka and Mark, but they're silenced when Luka shoves his mouth over mine, his tongue entering my lips.

My fingers tangle in his hair, pulling him closer and backing him up toward the bed. I need to forget the pain, erase the memories that haunt me. Luka is the only man capable of making me feel alive.

"Condom?" I ask, making sure that we're ready, although Luka is still fully dressed, and I haven't removed my pants yet.

"Slow down there, Zaya," Luka says and grins. He turns me around, guiding me onto the mattress.

I shift backward, and he crawls above me, his fingers rough and warm as he inches my pants down, dragging them off and tossing them behind him.

He climbs between my legs and places one leg on his shoulder as he leans in towards my panties, nuzzling the thin fabric. "You're wet for me," he says, pleased with his accomplishments.

He teases me through the flimsy material, and I swear I feel his tongue. The barrier of cotton is too thick.

He senses my discomfort and rips my panties off, making my stomach flutter. "You look so fucking sexy naked," Luka whispers. He gently guides my leg back down to the mattress as he climbs atop me.

"I want to see you naked."

"And you will," Luka says, smiling down at me. His eyes shine, and my heart hammers in my chest.

I reach for his shirt, yanking the white cotton open, the buttons tearing away.

"That was my good shirt," Luka says pointedly, pressing my arms into the mattress.

"Seriously? Every shirt you wear looks the same." I've only been around him a handful of days, but he always dresses the same. I’ll bet every dress shirt in his closet is white.

He growls playfully and leans down, capturing my lips as he presses his weight against me.

I can't help the moan that spills past my lips as I wrap my legs around him. Instead, I'm not fighting for control but want to fuel his desire. I wrestle his hips, trying to flip us around so I can properly undress him.

But Luka has other ideas that don't involve me dominating him.

"Have you ever been tied up in bed?" Luka asks, his lips caressing my ear.

My mouth goes dry. The idea has intrigued me, but I don't know Luka well enough to trust him, to give myself over to him completely. That's a huge step. "It's a fantasy," I confess and chew on my bottom lip. "But not for today."

He drops another heated kiss to my lips and releases his grip on my arms.

My hands reach out, grazing his chest, touching his bare skin as I let my fingers wander down to his belt buckle. I free the clip, and he unzips his pants, allowing me to remove his pants and boxers as I admire every inch of him.

"You're staring," he says.

How can I not? He's enormous, well-endowed, and puts Mark to shame. Not that Mark was good at sex.

I let my fingers drift past his stomach as I reach for my intended destination, but Luka grabs my wrists and pushes me back against the mattress. "Remember, tonight is about you."

"Yes, and I want to taste you," I say, glancing down, although I can't see much between us pressed against the mattress.

He's trying to hide the smile, but his eyes shine. "You will, the next time we do this," Luka says.

My heart slams against my ribcage at his admission that this isn't a one-time thing happening between us, that he wants this to occur again.

The room is warm, and I'm confident that I'm flushed or at the very least blushing.

"Relax, Zaya." He releases his firm grip against my arms and drops fervent kisses over my skin, from my neck down my torso.

Each kiss makes me restless for more with him.

It's like he knows exactly what I need and gives it to me, again and again. His mouth is warm and teases my inner thighs with a soft trail of kisses.

I inhale a sharp breath as he finally reaches his intended destination, and it's a million times better than I imagined with Luka.

He drags his tongue over my pussy, and my insides quake and shudder as he tastes, teases, and brings me toward oblivion.

Luka knows precisely what to do, and my heart pounds against my chest, my toes curl, and my back arches up off the mattress.

He crawls back up my torso after the first wave ripples through me and kisses me as he grabs a condom. He inches his cock inside my warmth a moment later, confident that I'm ready for him.

Luka fills every inch of me, making my insides ache in the most delicious way possible.

The room fills with moans and heavy breaths, gasping for air, panting, as he thrusts inside me. I wrap my legs around him, drawing him deeper, wanting him closer, tighter, and one with me.

Another wave comes crashing down, and he bites my neck, leaving a delicious mark. I shudder and moan, and Luka covers my lips with his. I can't tell if he's silencing me because I'll wake the entire house or he's as needy as I am, wanting to be tangled with him.

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