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I’d snuck into the babies’ room again. I’d heard Alana hiccup on the monitor, and I just wanted to make sure she was okay—

“Babe.” Syn’s voice floated from behind me, amused as usual when she caught me. “I know they weren’t crying.”

“Well, Alana made a sound. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright.”

She rolled her eyes at me, affectionately.

Truth be told, I’d been just as freaked out as Syn had been about having a child. I’d had nightmares leading up to the birth about my father, my face transplanted on his for parts.

Not fun.

But something had happened the second I’d first held them in my arms, something that pushed away the fear and replaced it with peace. I still worried every day that I was messing things up. Every time they cried, I rushed to their side, ready to do anything I could.

“You know…I saw the doctor this morning.”

I frowned. “Are you okay?” I stepped away from Alana’s crib. Watching Syn give birth had been beautiful, but also terrifying. Seeing her in pain like that, without being able to do anything, almost made me go feral.

“I was cleared,” she said with a wink.

It took me a moment to realize what she was talking about. And as soon as I did…I was hard.

“You mean—?”

“Yep.” She gave me a sexy wink and stripped off her shirt as she walked backwards out into the hall. “Think I can lure you away from the babies long enough to have your way with me?”

I followed her without another thought. My mate was the sexiest creature alive, and I’d been dying to have her over these last weeks.

As her bra hit me in the face as I hurried after her, all I could think was I was the luckiest bastard alive.

* * *


The room was pitch black when he woke up, sitting up from the bed and searching the room. His hand reached to turn on the light…but I’d unplugged it.

I’d also handcuffed him to the bed frame with cuffs made of the strongest metal on the market. Unless he “monster’d” out, he wasn’t going anywhere.

“What the fuck?” he snarled, trying to pull on the cuffs.

I stepped out of the shadows and he immediately stopped struggling.

“What’s this, little wolf?”

“Mmmh. I just thought we could role play,” I murmured, as I began to crawl up the bed towards him. "You like the sound of that, don't you, Alpha?”

Hendrix chuckled darkly, recalling immediately when he’d said something similar to me…all those months ago.

I straddled his dick and gave a quick tug to his already hard shaft. “Want me to offer you the world, baby?” I purred.

He groaned as I slid my soaking wet folds across his dick. “I can’t believe I actually said that.”

I broke character and giggled.

“Well, at least you lived up to your word.” I took his dick and began to slowly lower myself down on it.

His answer was lost in a moan as I began to fuck myself on his huge cock, my moans soon joining his.

We both couldn’t have imagined what that fateful night would have led to.

But as Hendrix and I moved together, him fucking me with dirty scenes in my head, and in real life, I knew we both had gotten everything we could have ever wanted.

A happily ever after.

The End

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