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“Trust me, Syn. I would only do what keeps you safe and happy.” He moved in and kissed me, while my heart roared in my chest. It didn’t take long for my body to tingle with that thumping pulse between my thighs.

“How can I possibly say no when I’m burning up from a single touch?” I whispered against his lips. “I don’t think you three realize that maybe I want you more than you desire me.”

River barked a laugh so loud, it slightly startled me. “Trust me, angel. You couldn’t come close to my obsession with how many times a day I think about your pussy and boobs. At least forty times, no, make it fifty.”

I laughed. “Yeah right. That means you’re thinking of nothing else during the day.”

“Yep,” he confirmed immediately.

Caspian’s nodding. “He’s not wrong.”

Hendrix smirked.

“I’m slightly alarmed,” I teased. “So whenever you are supposedly thinking or keeping quiet—”

“We’re most likely thinking about fucking you,” Caspian finished my sentence.

“Well, then we have to do something about it, right?”I pushed myself to stand up and started to remove my bra. I didn’t need to ask for help because six hands were suddenly on me, stripping me. And once I was left in nothing but my panties, Hendrix did the honors of curling his fingers into my underwear and slipping them down my legs. I stepped out of them just as River’s hand reached over and cupped my pussy, his finger gently running over my slit.

I instantly responded with a moan, my body lurching in his direction.

There was no waiting, just the pulse at my core. I gasped as he kept playing with me, spreading my lips and finding my clit, while Hendrix held me by my hips, and Caspian kissed my lower back, cupping my ass.

“You are a goddess,” Hendrix purred.

“Our fantasy girl,” Caspian purred between kisses.

“Fuck, angel, I’m addicted to your pussy. I love the way it sucks down on my fingers.” River glanced up at me, winking so beautifully, but I was floating already on the arousal curling in the pit of my stomach with the way he kept pushing a finger into me and back out. “Hear that wet sound? It’s all honey.”

The groans rumbled by all the guys sent a delicious shiver down my spine with excitement.

I turned to Hendrix, placing my hands against his hard chest, our mouths crashing. I burned up with desire, and while River fingered me, lifting one leg up and resting my foot on his lap to give him better access, I kissed Hendrix with the passion of a starved girl. Lust coiled in my chest as he pressed his tongue into my mouth, all while Caspian’s exploring fingers teased down the crack between my ass cheeks.

I had to be the luckiest girl in the world to have three men devour me at the same time, to know they craved me. Their teasing burned me up, and my skin tingled.

Hendrix’s cock pressed against my hip through his pants, and he was rock hard, grinding into me. I whimpered, needing all of him.

Suddenly, Hendrix broke from me, his eyes darkening to that of his beast. "How do you want us?” he asked like that was a normal conversation.

I swallowed hard, slightly distracted with the way Caspian ran his palm across the curve of my ass, squeezing.

“I’m not sure how this works, to be honest,” I admitted honestly.

“Well, there are three of us, and you have three holes,” River stated with his usual directness, then proceeded to lick his fingers, his eyes fluttering in response like he’d just eaten the world’s greatest chocolate cake.

“I have an idea,” Caspian said. He proceeded to wrap his arms around my waist, then twisted me around to face the back of the boat with my back to the guys. Gently, he dipped a hand between my legs. “Spread open for me, gorgeous.”

I followed his instructions because I was soaking wet, the slick already dripping down the insides of my thighs.

“Now bend forward for me,” he urged me by running his large palm up my back, gently pushing me forward.

I gripped hold of the back of the outdoor lounge I bent over, my ass in the air, the cool breeze tickling my exposed pussy. This was definitely a vulnerable position but also ridiculously sexy.

When nothing happened for a few moments, I glanced over my shoulder to find the three of them standing there with the world’s largest hard-ons, staring at my rear as if they were at an art museum admiring the Mona Lisa.

I might have blushed, but when I started to shift, River groaned. “Don’t you dare.”

“What are you all doing then?” I asked.

“Admiring,” Caspian said. “You have no idea how perfect the view is from back here.”

“We’re brainstorming on the perfect way to coordinate this, so we need inspiration.” The smile in Hendrix’s eyes giving me butterflies.

If they were wanting a show, then I’d give them one. While I called the guys’ excuse to stare at me a lie, I threaded my hand down my body and between my legs, my fingers finding my drenched core. I slide my two fingers over the silky folds down to my entrance.

The explosive growl behind me told me they noticed. Good. I wriggled my ass a bit, then I slipped two fingers around the rim of my entrance. The horny wolves breathed louder now, and I let them take a good look before I pushed those fingers into me. I moaned at the sensation, at how my pussy did indeed suck down for more. She was a greedy thing.

Heat blazed through me the more I put on a show for them, but it wasn’t long before I felt a thick erection pulsing against my ass.

“Close your eyes,” Caspian said.

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