Real Alphas Mate (The Alpha-Hole Duet 2) - Page 58

Plus, I couldn’t explain it, but deep in my gut, the sense that I’d lost Syn sat like a boulder. Loneliness came over me as if someone had broken into my house and taken everything I owned while I wasn’t looking. And there wasn’t a fucking thing I could do about it.

My muscles stiffened and I punched the water. I struck it, bellowing my fury.

She was meant to be mine, and I couldn’t explain it, but the creature’s words stuck in my mind. I had to let go to save her. I had to walk away, letting my brothers keep her.

I blinked the water from my eyes, driving myself through the water, lost in the green mist. With my heart speeding and harsh breaths escaping my lungs, a frantic sensation came over me. I moved rapidly but I wasn’t going anywhere, and the whole time I slipped deeper within myself.

I’d been in that place too many times, faced death, and now he reared his head once more.

And the more I fought it, the more it blasted in my head that this had to be some cruel fucking joke, the more I felt for certain that I’d lose Syn. That she’d no longer be mine and I had nowhere to turn.

All the while, the darkness in my mind whispered, I’ve been waiting for your return.

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