Real Alphas Mate (The Alpha-Hole Duet 2) - Page 33

The next week may have been the most blissful week of my life. Whatever “warlord” business they usually conducted, seemed to be on hold as the three of them were around almost constantly. And I wasn’t complaining.

We spent days lazing about in bed. Or eating picnics on the beach where they would take turns feeding me. We went for walks. And swam in the pool. I lazed about under the sun while River read to me.

It was just perfect.

Every night Caspian would appear, no matter if Hendrix was in the bed or not. He’d take whatever side was free and snuggle into me like an overgrown puppy. River never joined, but sometimes I would wake up and see him in an armchair near my bed, sitting there with a brooding expression on his face. Maybe it should have been creepy, but it wasn’t, not to me. Whatever River was working through, at least I knew he was as desperate to be close to me as I was to be close to him.

Some nights Caspian would sleepwalk again, but I hoped he was right, and eventually his mind would relax enough to know I wasn’t going anywhere.

I was happier than I’d ever been, doing my best to ignore the voice that told me my happiness never seemed to last…

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