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With renewed anger, I glare at him. “What is this, Twenty Questions? Unhand me, please.”

He does with a small frown.

“My phone is working just fine.”

A muscle ticks in his jaw. “It’s childish to ignore someone’s call for days.”

Incensed because he struck a nerve, I glower. My age has become a sensitive subject for me only because he’s been adamant that I’m too young for him. I hate when he mentions it.

“Well, excuse me for not wanting to talk to the man who turned me into an unwitting homewrecker.” I’m jabbing my finger at his chest and hissing like a madwoman. “I’m childish? What about you two-timing your wife? Can’t get more immature and assholish than that.”

When I stop to give him the full impact of my seething glare, I’m shocked to find him smirking. His head tips to one side as he studies me with open amusement. Then he laughs.

The audacity! I’m tempted to kick him in the shin.

“How is any of this funny?” I throw my hands up.

“You have a temper. I like it,” he drawls.

I scoff.

“I don’t have a wife, Grace.”

“Girlfriend, then.”

“Don’t have one of those, either.”

Confusion diminishes my outrage. “But Devlin...”

“Is my lawyer. Well, she was my grandfather’s lawyer first, and I couldn’t be bothered with vetting and hiring another when he died, so she’s mine now too.”

I stare at Rowan, already feeling like an idiot. Devlin’s lack of outrage at finding me in Rowan’s house makes sense now. She was definitely still pissed to see me, though. That was obvious, but not the fury I’d expect from a lover.

“I wish you had stayed so I could explain, or that you had answered my calls. I’m a lot of things, Grace, but I’m not a cheater.”

No way am I going to allow him to fool me again. My eyes narrow to slits. “So, your lawyer is just free to waltz into your house at seven a.m.?”

He looks skyward and sighs. “If you’re ready to hear me out now, I’ll explain that, too. I’ll stick around until you’re done with what’s-his-name.”


“Don’t care,” he bites out.

I pull my lower lip between my teeth to hold back the smile that wants to emerge. He’s so jealous, and I kinda like that he is. “Actually, I planned to come up with an excuse to leave.”

His expression brightens. “Good, then you’re leaving with me.”

I twist my hands together. “I can’t just walk out the door with you. Ethan is annoying, but I don’t want to be impolite.”

“Good thing I don’t have a problem being rude. Let’s go.” His hand is on my lower back, and I’m being led back into the bar.

“I drove here,” I explain.

“That’s fine. I’ll follow and we’ll talk at your place.”

“Okay... You always get what you want, huh?” I peek up at him through my lashes.

He smiles. “Generally.”

Of course he does. Rowan salutes the small group he’d been sitting with.

One of them, a strikingly attractive black guy, hoots. “That hiatus didn’t last long.”

“Grow up, Max,” Rowan says.

I have no idea what Max is talking about, and right now, it’s hard to care. Rowan isn’t married, and he’s coming home with me. I’m immensely relieved.

We stop at the table Ethan and I shared. Ethan’s eyes widen when he sees Rowan standing next to me with his hand possessively on my back.

“Um... Ethan...” I begin. This is so uncomfortable. “I’m—”

“She’s coming home with me, pal,” Rowan says easily.

My mouth snaps shut and I sigh, accepting his directness. Sometimes I wish I could be that straightforward. Ethan scowls and moves to get up, but with another look at Rowan, who’s eyeing him like a bug he wants to swat, he remains seated.

Stunned, I swing my gaze between both men. Rowan seems completely at ease with the entire situation. “Ready?” he asks.

I nod and he nudges me away from the table. “Uh... bye, Ethan,” I offer with a little wave.

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