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They melded back together, and Constantine soothed my shudders with light kisses along my jaw.

"I told you I didn't understand," Constantine whispered, setting me down on my toes, still holding me upright, finding my gaze. So direct, and somehow calmer too. "I do now. I love you, Hazel Nix. I love your courage and your fear. I love your openness and all your secrets. I love your selfish heart and your generous mind. I love that you saved me and then let me leave, even though it was a useless endeavor."

"It wasn't useless," I murmured, my palms pressed to his chest, aware of the rough and uneven drum of his heartbeat under my touch. It wasn't useless if it gave Constantine this new confidence or all these perfect words to say.

He smiled, and it made me gasp. I'd forgotten how beautiful he really was, what that smile could do to my knees. "It was useless. All I thought about was you—the puzzle I couldn't rest until I'd solved. And then it was only worse, because I suddenly understood why a woman so good, so beautiful, so eager to be pleasured, would go to so much trouble to save me, free me."

"I love you," I said, voice cracking.

"Yes," Constantine said, grinning, dazzling me. "That's what I realized. Thank you for giving me time to discover it on my own."

A small whine rose up in my throat, and Constantine stifled it with another kiss, clasping me to his chest. His mouth was patient and hungry over mine, suckling on my lips, pressing and breathing with me. He pulled away, nose stroking against mine.

"I love your pleasure and your pain, sweet creature," Constantine murmured. "Just as you love mine."

"Yes," I said, trying to climb back into his arms, lifting my chin and pleading for another kiss. "I need them. Need you. Always come back to me."

Constantine stood straight, and I growled because his mouth was now out of reach. His thumb stroked my cheek. "How about I won't leave again without you?" He looked over my shoulder and smiled at the others, dipping his head in greeting. "Without any of you."

"Welcome home, Constantine," Hunter said.

I sighed, turning and beaming back at my orc in gratitude.

"Are you hungry? We just finished dinner," Ronan said.

Constantine shook his head slowly, eyes falling slowly back to me. "Only for one thing."

I shivered at his stare, that feral glare so familiar—Con's need for contact, connection. I'd thought he'd wanted to hurt me the first time I saw him. I knew better now. He'd wanted desperately to bring pleasure, had thought it impossible.

Not with me.

"We'll give you some time together then. She's missed you," Nireas said.

"No," Constantine said, smiling down at me.

"No?" I asked, glaring back at him.

He looked up to the others. "All of us together. Our nymph deserves her feast. Don't you, sweet creature?" he asked, stroking fingers over my pulse, that heavy, vibrant touch calling forth an eager pulse from my core.

"Together," I said, nodding. Because he wasn't leaving again. I didn't need a private reunion. I needed my men, needed my entire family together at once.

"I'll get the harnesses," Jude said.

* * *

Hot slick splashedagainst my chest as I moaned, squirming on Hunter's cock buried deep in my ass. Nireas's fingers stroked over my breasts, drummed over my clit, curled and plunged in my cunt, playing me like a piece of music. Perhaps I was one.

The sun was coming up, and I'd had no more than a handful of minutes for rest in the night. Constantine loved the harness. He'd used Hunter's leash for me on my back, pulling me onto Con's cock as I slurped over Antin's length, guzzling down arousal as I gushed and screamed for them.

And now Con had Ronan held up by the collar, the pair of them kneeling on either side of me, Con stroking his foreskin over the head of Ronan's cock, the imp howling in giddy pain. Antin stroked Ronan's back, ruby red foreskin wrapped around Jude's length, keeping the ravaged fae up by a one-handed grip on my leather harness. It looked pretty on Jude. Jude looked even better, face flushed and skin slick with sweat, in what I thought must've been his dozenth orgasm, a thick pool of cum spilled onto my belly.

That's so creative, I thought, my own body somewhat numb aside from the occasional thrill at Nireas's fingers. I blinked and tipped my head, watching Con thrust three fingers into Jude's slack mouth, Jude's eyes growing wide and alert again as he screamed and bit down.

Hunter's tusks rubbed at my throat, his bucking beneath me growing uneven.

"Make her come, Nireas," Hunter growled. "One last time."

Ronan had pulled away from Con, who was jerking himself to his finish over my breasts, and twisted to wrap his lips around Antin's nipple. The pair of them and Jude came together one last time, and I giggled at the profane mess they made on me, on each other. Filthy and scorching. Hunter or Nireas would bathe me later, always so gentle after they'd put me through my paces in bed.

Jude had barely fallen backwards into the mattress when Nireas spread my thighs wide, plunging deep where his fingers had been, his thumb rubbing determinedly on my clit. I howled and arched, thrust myself into the stuffed sensation. So complete, so full, so utterly and devotedly destroyed by these men.

"So good! So good, yes," I gasped.

Con and Antin settled on either side of me, bending their heads to suck on my nipples, perfectly in contrast, driving me mad. My arms wrapped up to clutch them closer, a sob of relief and a scream of pleasure blending together.

Hunter growled, barely moving as Nireas fucked me, rough and hard, grunting above me, seeking his own finish with a rare selfish quality I loved to watch. But I was too busy falling apart. I would enjoy the view another time. For now, I gave myself over to the storm rushing through me.

"Yes! Yes, fuck! I love you," I cried out, and then babbled nonsense as I crashed into the rapture, stretched and filled and shivering at the heady rush of heat and electric pleasure racing through my muscles and veins.

Con and Antin untangled my hands from their horns, pulling away with final kisses. Hunter growled in my ear as Nireas slammed deep, stilled, and together they burst inside of me.

They'd barely finished, and I was still stiff with my release when I spoke. "No more. No more. I'm dead."

Ronan huffed and rolled over at my side as Constantine unified and stretched next to him. "Finally. I thought you'd never quit."

Nireas moaned, collapsing against me, and then stiffened, letting out a soft sound of disgust. "You know you can't challenge her like that," he muttered, rolling to the side, making Ronan scoot away or be crushed.

"Please always challenge her like that," Hunter mumbled, turning and spooning my back, nuzzling my throat as he softened in my ass.

I caught my breath, nestled between them, Jude unapologetically wrapping an arm over Hunter to clasp my hand. I hummed, blinked at the ceiling, and then stretched up briefly just to count them. All five. All five, here with me. For good this time. And in a bed that took up the majority of the room to fit us all properly.

Constantine blinked sleepily at me, smiling, his arm resting over Ronan, cupping the dark cock between red thighs, looking outrageously content and only a little confused. He was still accepting us all for what we were—not his owners or jailers, but friends and lovers now, his family. It would take time, but he was here, just as he'd promised.

"I need a bath," I murmured.

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