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Their voices carriedout of the open door of the study, Jude's low melody now included. I licked my lips, smoothing my hands down over my bare thighs, down the leather straps there. If I waited too long, Hunter would catch my scent and call me in. I wanted to take them by surprise instead.

I lowered myself to the floor—the thin knee pads of the hip harness would be a blessing, I could tell already—and then reached out, pushing the door open wider to make room for my shoulders.

Their eyes were high as I crawled inside, searching where they expected to see me, and it was Hunter whose gaze dropped first, his smile growing wide.

I arched my back as Nireas found me on the floor, slinking forward, and his jaw dropped open, voice mute.

"By all the stars in the northern sky, look at you, Hazelnut," Ronan said, voice breathless and eyes wide.

I stopped, knelt, and rested my hands on my heels behind me, posing and blushing at the collective intake of breath from my men.

"Very good, little one," Hunter said, and then he patted his thigh.

I sank back into my crawl, fighting a grin as Nireas groaned. "Is this…am I allowed to say how much I like this?" he whispered.

"Usually, a pleasure pet only belongs to one warrior," Hunter said as I stopped at his side. I rose up to my knees and pressed my entire body to his leg, panting at the texture of the wool against my bare sex, my eyes falling shut as his claws stroked gently into my hair. "However, I think we will make an exception in this pet's case. She is more than capable of serving all our needs tonight. Aren't you?"

"Yes, masters," I said, rubbing my cheek against Hunter's thigh.

"Fuck," Jude whispered.

"Very good. Stand for us, little one," Hunter said, extending his hand to help me balance as I rose up. "Turn." I made a slow spin, the carpet squishing under my bare feet. "Good. Now, allow them to inspect you."

"Inspect her?" Ronan squawked, echoing my own thoughts.

But I stepped forward, shoulders back and chin high—as proud to be their pet as they would be to claim me, just like Hunter had told me the first night—and adjusted my stance to spread my legs slightly.

Ronan didn't hesitate, stepping between the others and me, eyes still wide and bright, dark tongue flicking out over his lips. His gaze met mine, searching, and I nodded as he reached for my face. Two fingertips patted lightly over my bottom lip.

"Open," Ronan said. Those fingers stroked over my tongue as I opened my mouth, their flavor slightly salty and bitter. "Suck." All three of my new masters groaned as I hollowed my cheeks and sucked on Ronan's fingers, treating them as though I had a cock in my mouth. "Good girl," Ronan rasped.

Ronan and I had an evenly matched relationship. He was rarely completely dominant with me, and I was surprised by the heat that pooled in my belly at those simple words of praise from him. I continued to suck, humming slightly with hunger and desire, slipping my tongue between the two fingers to lick the skin that joined them. Ronan hissed and pulled the digits free of my lips. He loomed forward, head ducking to kiss me, when a hand reached between us, holding him back by the chest.

"My turn," Nireas said.

Ronan rolled his eyes, but he was smiling and he stepped back without further complaint. Nireas tipped my jaw up high with one hand, stroked down my throat with another, and for a moment, it was just him staring down at me, gaze warm and approving. Then suddenly there were two fingers spreading the lips of my sex, stroking, and two hands plucking and plumping my nipples, making them hot to the touch and rosy with pinches. I moaned, and Nireas gazed smugly down at me. Five hands…five hands touching me all at once, and where was the—

"Ah!" I jumped as the sixth hand appeared, a single digit burrowing between my cheeks, searching and then pressing at the tight rosebud of my ass.

"Relax," Nireas said.

I panted but forced myself to soften under his touch. The finger didn't do more than probe, even as I tried to flare my hole and welcome him. The hand on my pussy only petted and stroked, finding arousal at my opening and spreading it over my lips.

"Pretty pet," Nireas said, the words dark and lovely. I shivered against all of his playful hands, parted my lips as his thumb stroked there. His hand on my sex lifted, and I blinked with heavy eyelids as he drew the fingers that had touched me into his broad mouth and purred with approval. "She tastes good."

"Let me," Jude said at my back.

Nireas retreated one hand at a time, until only the finger at my ass remained, just barely dipping inside before pulling away. This time, Jude didn't take his place.

"Bend over, Hazel," Jude said.

I started to bend, and Hunter cleared his throat. "This is a pose we haven't practiced yet. Widen your stance, little one, and wrap your hands around your ankles."

I did as instructed, my braid hanging awkwardly at the side of my head. I was rewarded by a chorus of approving groans, and this time, my blush ran all the way from one pair of cheeks to the others.

Jude's shoes were dusty, the knees of his pants slightly loose and worn. I recognized him immediately as he sank down behind me. His cock was tenting the fabric, and I licked my lips as he adjusted himself briefly.

"Stay still."

I froze as his hands cupped the backs of my thighs, thumbs pressing into the base of my ass, spreading my cheeks. His breath was hot and rough against my exposed sex, and I bit my lip as it grew heavier, closer, dampness calling out more arousal. His tongue wasn't a surprise, but I trembled and jerked all the same as he licked me from clit to ass in one long, smooth stroke.

"Mmm. Very nice. Is it time for dinner yet? Because I'm starving for dessert," Jude growled.

* * *

"Fuchs.She's meant to be holding still," Hunter said, his voice muffled through the table.

Ronan paused in his slow, subtle thrusting, and my eyes watered, the head of his cock buried at the back of my throat, his hands tightening in my hair. "She is," Ronan said, but his voice was ragged. He groaned, rocking and rubbing his length on my tongue. "I'm the one who's moving."

Someone, Nireas or Jude, chuckled and I had to fight my own smile.

"Stop," Hunter said, the word hard around the edges. "You'll ruin my training of our pet."

"A good girl holding still and letting her master fuck her pretty mouth isn't so bad from where I'm sitting," Ronan moaned, picking up his pace.

But Hunter's command was sinking into me, if not Ronan, and I started to pull away. Ronan let out another clear groan, his fingers slipping free from my hair. In the shadow of my spot beneath the table, Ronan's cock looked bruise-purple as I pulled away, and the head was glossy and pooling with eager need, pearly and tempting to my hungry tongue. I sat back on my heels.

"Sorry, master," I said, to both Hunter and Ronan.

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