The Company of Fiends (Tempting Monsters 2) - Page 127

My breaths were short and ragged, throat crumbling in on itself. Ronan reeled me in closer, drawing me into his chest as little whimpers and gasps started to break free from my lips, tears rolling over and down my cheeks.

"That's not goodbye, Hazelnut," Ronan whispered in my ear. "You know we'll track him down." He shouted over my head, down the alley to where Constantine was disappearing around a corner. "We'll track you down, mate!"

I shuddered and fell into Ronan's chest. They always leave, a cruel little voice whispered in my head. But for the first time, I knew that the person walking out of my life hadn't done so by choice. I hated to admit that Reddy and the others, even Constantine, were right, but I knew the truth. Birsha might force him to reveal plans or to risk another girl's safety. He had to leave.

It didn't make it hurt less.

"What if something happens to him?" I asked, swallowing my tears, strangling myself in the process. "What if Birsha is angry that he's been kicked out?"

Ronan's hand stroked up and down my back. "He's got good reason to lay low and stay safe. He hasn't given up hope, and neither should you, nut."

My nod was feeble and my breath shuddered, but it brought a deep lungful of Ronan's homey scent into my chest and it acted like a drop of laudanum. I sagged in his arms and let my eyes fall shut. I wasn't sure if Ronan was right about Constantine, I'd seen the resignation on my demon's face, but I would make sure Ronan was right about me. I would not give up hope. And I would not surrender Constantine to Birsha's grip so easily.

"Hunter will help," I said.

"Of course he will. We all will. For now, come inside. I'll take you up to my room, and you can rest there until Hunter's carriage comes back for us," Ronan said, guiding me back to the door.

Comes back for us. We're an us now,I thought.

Constantine would be part of that, even if I had to find my way to the Seven Veils and steal him back from Birsha with my own two hands.

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