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Iwas turning for the stairs, ready to hunt Ronan and the others down, when I ran bodily into Nireas at the bottom step. He caught me by my waist and shoulders, and I reached up for him, rising to my toes.

"What are you up to?" I asked before pressing my lips to the glimpse of his shimmering throat at his open collar.

His hands on my waist lowered to my hips, and then I was up off my feet and held to his chest. "Good. You didn't dress."

"I assumed any plans probably weren't formal," I said, grinning and wrapping my arms around Nireas's shoulders.

"There was a debate on that," Nireas said.

"Who won?"

His smile was rare, and it transformed his usually solemn face into something bright and beautiful that made me ache. "I did."

"If I'm your prize, I think you ought to take me now," I said, waggling my eyebrows.

Nireas huffed a laugh. "Tempting, nymph. But I'm looking forward to your surprise." He brought a length of black silk out from behind his back and held it between two hands. "May I?"

"You may," I said, my eyes narrowed. "But what's a surprise I can't see?"

"It won't be on for long," Nireas said, and I shut my eyes as he wrapped the blindfold and tied it in place.

"Has there been any word from Hunter?" I asked softly, my body rubbing against Nireas's as he turned us and headed up the stairs.

"We're keeping you occupied until he arrives," Nireas said, a free hand rubbing my back. "He's fine."

Nireas had to duck to exit the stairs, and he cupped the back of my head and held it to his shoulder as he did so. I took advantage, my mouth on his throat, helping myself to a taste of him, clean and velvety. Nireas stifled a groan, his footsteps shuffling and tail dragging over the floorboards.

"There she is," Ronan murmured. "Her seat is saved."

"I told everyone else to leave us the stage, but I'm sure some will come snooping," Nireas said to them.

"Are we putting on a show?" I asked, leaving Nireas's throat with a farewell nip.

But no, Nireas was carrying me down a set of stairs, one that ended quickly. Oh, we were moving into the audience.

"You've done your work for the night, nymph," Nireas murmured in my ear, his lips grazing my lobe and summoning goose bumps over my throat and down my arms and chest.

"This show is all for you, Hazelnut," Ronan called, his voice softly muffled.

I laughed as Nireas set me down on the dense velvet cushion of one of the bench seats, my toes digging into the thick fabric. All six of his hands soothed over my shoulders, down my ribs and waist, stroking my hips, until my robe was loose and slipping off. I'd put on a lovely chemise that Hunter had tucked into my wardrobe, the ties around my shoulders loose enough for the short sleeves to droop, and Nireas cupped a breast through the fabric.

"You can take that off too, if you like," I offered, arching into his touch.

"Mm, no. It's very pretty, and I wouldn't want you to get cold," he said.

I was lifted into his many arms again, turned, and this time I landed on his lap, the slip conveniently hiked up so that it pooled over mine, but left the thick wool of Nireas's pants pressed to my bottom. My legs were spread over his, my back pulled to rest against his chest, and my body was draped in heavy, warm arms, breasts and pussy cupped in large palms. I sighed, wiggled on his lap, pushed myself into his touch, but Nireas didn't move until I settled and relaxed.

The blindfold came undone but revealed only the dark theater, curtains closed and the moment still and quiet.

"The other girls…they're not…" I bit my lip, a small, bitter spike that ought to have been irrational but persisted nonetheless burrowing through me.

Nireas turned my face, kissing the corner of my eyebrow near my eyelid, the spot unexpectedly tender and sensitive. "It's just us, Hazel."

I sighed and then gasped as the spotlight flared into life, the curtain a bright bloom of stunning blood-red velvet appearing before us.

"Well, us and the pixies," Nireas allowed.

A warbling, slightly staticky note of music appeared from behind the curtain, and I twisted to smile at Nireas. "You didn't want to play?"

"Someone had to make sure you didn't get lonely," Nireas said, his smile small and sly.

I hummed, shaking with repressed laughter, and settled back into his chest as the curtain started to part. My breath caught in my chest immediately.

The elaborate bench used for my scenes with Constantine was center stage, and spread on top of it, limbs tangling and bodies rubbing together, were Ronan and Jude. Ronan had Jude pinned down, red hands wrapped around pale wrists, Jude's white shirt pushed open. Ronan's wings were stretched back, taut with tension and desire. Their lips were crashing together, hips grinding, and Jude let out an eager moan as Ronan pulled away, trailing his mouth down to Jude's chest. Ronan's long, black tongue circled around Jude's nipple, drawing a loud groan from the half-fae's lips.

"He's as noisy as you," Nireas said in my ear, one thumb circling around my own nipple in time with Ronan's tongue on Jude.

"They're beautiful," I murmured, watching Ronan press sloppy, wet kisses down Jude's stomach, his long red fingers working at the front of Jude's pants, stroking his crotch and loosening the buttons.

"Mmm," Nireas hummed noncommittally, thick fingers finding the tie at the collar of my chemise and pulling it loose.

I suspected his view was pointed downward, not on the stage, which suited me just as well. He pushed the collar open and then down over my breasts, hands returning to my exposed skin. His touch was warm and heavy, impossibly patient as he rested his palms over me, just cupping.

Ronan and Jude were significantly less patient, Ronan yanking Jude's pants down over his hip and Jude practically falling off the bench in his haste to stand and kick the fabric off. Ronan was on his knees, and he pulled Jude to the side with a wink to me, keeping my view of them clear on the stage. Jude grabbed his face, pulled him in for a thrusting, biting kiss, and then tackled Ronan around to lie flat on his back. Their chests heaved as Jude straddled Ronan and the bench. Ronan was already bare chested, propped up on his elbows, and Jude crawled up, knees framing Ronan's ribs. Jude's flushed and weeping cock was wrapped in one pumping hand .

"Oh, lord," I whispered, my eyes wide. Only Nireas's gentle hold kept me from running onto the stage.

Ronan's eyes were tilted up to stare back at Jude, his tongue flicking out over his lips before his mouth parted in invitation. Ronan slipped his arms beneath Jude's legs, and Jude's free hand went to the back of Ronan's head as he rubbed the head of his cock around Ronan's lips.

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