The Company of Fiends (Tempting Monsters 2) - Page 98

I shrugged. "So did I. And then suddenly… It's a bit like a game of dominoes. I fell over for one, and now I can't seem to stop myself. Speaking of new developments…Hugh and Isabel?"

Evie hummed, and we stopped outside of a dollhouse, a little flicker of light winking and then vanishing from one of the windows. "I don't know what Hugh's thinking, but it's going to cause trouble."

"You think he'll get jealous?" I asked.

"No, he has too much sense and he's been with us too long. But the monsters aren't happy, are they? Isabella was already a little too free with her opinions about them. Now she's gone and made it obvious she'd prefer a human."

I pressed my lips together. I believed her, but I'd been out of touch with the others. I could imagine it, though. Two humans choosing each other rather than the monsters. It was only a game of odds, really, bound to happen eventually, but it would wound pride and confirm certain monsters' fears of human feelings.

"The worst part is I'm not sure if she really gives a shit about Hugh, or if she just realized she's in over her head here and wants a way out," Evie continued.

I set two plates down in front of the dollhouse door, scooping out cake from the pan. Evie joined me, drizzling honey over the crumbs, and then pouring just enough milk to fill to the brim of the plate.

"Could it just be love?" I asked.

"Sure. If you believe in that sort of thing," Evie said flatly.

I did, although I'd certainly tried to avoid it as long as I could. I suspected Evie had once too, and I hoped she got to again.

"There you are, my little darlings," Evie cooed to the house. "And I'll be back tomorrow morning to clean up. Have a lovely night."

"Softie," I whispered to her.

She rolled her eyes and tossed her hair. "I get best lighting for a reason, don't I?"

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