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"Try for me, Con," I murmured. "As long as you can."

Con's face was rocking into the bed, his hips rising to chase Antin's fingers as they pushed and pulled, split and surged to stretch him open.

"He loves pleasure," Antin murmured. "That's his secret. He's greedy for it. And until you, there weren't many who found it with him. Not the way we do."

I braced myself and reached out, smoothing my hand over the back of Con's head, gasping and holding onto the bed as the fiery agony surged through me. He lifted his head into my touch as I pulled it away, something new in his stare. I caught my breath and smiled at him.

"Be good for me," I said.

Antin lurched over Con, the contrast of his warmth and Con's cold color beautiful and blurry. Con's eyes rolled up to white as Antin sank slowly into his ass. He fucked himself onto Antin's cock, and the shudder raced through him with eloquent trembles from his eyelashes down to his bracing toes. Antin's brow furrowed and his voice yelped as Con squeezed around his cock. Red hands braced on either side of Con's shoulders as Con tried to rise up for more, and the bed started to shake with their movements.

They were like a storm together, bodies crashing like thunder, Antin's cries of pain and grunts of pleasure the strike of lightning. I wanted to slide under the pair of them, pull Con into me, but as he lifted up onto his knees I had the view of his cock jerking, fluid gushing eagerly out of the tip, dripping to the bed and running down his length to his balls.

"Look at me," I pleaded to him, and he did immediately, all the pleasure he craved written out in that wild stare. He came again, and Antin hissed but didn't stop his thrusting. "You're both so beautiful."

Antin gasped, and Con's fingers twisted and crawled closer to me. I held my breath, swallowed my groan, and petted up his arms, embracing the pain and withdrawing before I grew too weak.

"I'm close," Antin gasped out, head tossed back. "I want his pain!"

I nodded at Con and then Antin was howling and Con was gushing again, Antin's arms wrapped around Con's chest as Con sat up, hips snapping back on Antin's cock.

I crawled forward on the bed, and Con's gaze snapped to me as I raised my skirts, revealing my own damp sex.

"Give me Constantine."

The shift was sudden, the pair so closely fused together already. Constantine's eyes were as wild as Con's, his mouth still opened on the moan from Antin. He shimmered gold and violet, the colors racing over his skin with the flush of release, but his cock was still hard as he reached for my ankles. His grip was tight, and my breath rushed out of me as he dragged me under him.

"I don't have their powers," Constantine rasped.

"You can give me pleasure and pain without demonic gifts," I said, reaching up to grasp his shoulders.

"Gladly," he gasped, a slight whine in the word.

I arched and cried as he thrust inside of me, my own arousal and his slippery cock making the sudden plunge as smooth as it was shocking. Our voices chorused, Constantine's eyes wide and mouth open as I pulled his face to mine and took his lips in a needy, messy kiss—a demand and a gesture of thanks.

He was almost a novice at kissing, I realized, chasing after me, clumsy and catching up. But he learned quickly, his hands roaming over my body, searching and pulling at fabric.

"I want your skin," he hissed, and I laughed at the words, pushing on his chest and helping him yank the dress up over my head.

He tugged my hips close and I groaned, seated fully on his cock, my thighs stretched wide and my back sticky with Con's cum left on the bed. Constantine sat up and stared down at me, his expression slack with wonder for a moment.

"It's been centuries," he said, possibly to himself.

Centuries since…


Since Constantine had been the lover, rather than his two halves. His eyes narrowed on the corset stays I wore, a simpler, shorter version that kept my breasts bound, and I had barely raised a cry of objection before he was tearing it open.

My complaint died as Constantine lunged down, mouth wrapping around a nipple, horns nudging my face away. I laughed at his urgency and then moaned and ground myself up and down his cock as he suckled me roughly, the echo of pressure ringing down to my cunt. My hands grasped his horns, steering them carefully and pulling Constantine's mouth to the neglected breast. His hands stroked my bare waist, down to my hips, squeezing there and pumping me on his length.

Would Hunter like Constantine's spice and sugar scent on me as much as he liked Ronan's?

"Will you make up for the lost years?" I asked, whining slightly as his lips moved up to my throat.

Constantine bucked inside of me. "I will. I will fuck every inch of you, sweet creature." I shivered at the promise and then whimpered as Constantine scooted back, lips abandoning my skin as he sat up and stared down at me again. "In fact…"

He pulled free of me, and I gaped at him, a refusal or a plea on my tongue. And then his hand cracked down from the air, landing sharply on my sex, snapping on my clit. I screamed and twisted, barely catching a breath before he did the same again. My sex throbbed hotly, my eyes wide in shock at the revelation of the pain and the deep burn of hot pleasure.

"Again," I gasped.

He obeyed and I screamed, my hips humping the air as the sudden crack of pain turned into a pounding throb not unlike being fucked. And then Constantine grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock, and I came in earnest, back bowing and hands fisting in the sheets as I soaked his cock with my eager release.

He pulled out before I'd settled, and I sagged on the mattress, sucking in air as he crawled up over my chest, all the way to my face.

"Now clean me, suck me, and drink me down, and then we will begin again," he said, gaze glinting down at me.

If this was Constantine bound, I would tear that warlock to pieces to know my demon untethered. I opened my mouth, my eyes fluttering shut at the mix of flavors on his length, mine and his mingling together like a bitter treat. I would free this demon, and then I would possess him as much as he might let me.

"Pretty lips. Pretty creature," Constantine groaned.

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