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Hunter growled against my cheeks, tongue probing and slicking my hole. He pulled away, flipping me roughly onto my belly.

"Tell me you meant it when you said this was mine," he answered, a finger taking the place of his tongue, stealing cum from my cunt and using it on my ass.

"I meant it," I said, lifting my ass to drive his digit deeper. "Oh, fuck, Hunter, I meant it. Please, master, use your tongue again."

Either I was a very lucky pet or Hunter was just delighted at my choice of demands, because he dove down, eating my cunt and ass with starving enthusiasm. Orcs had exceptionally long tongues, and Hunter used every inch of his as I thrashed and howled into his sheets, clawing the lovely bedding. There was a wad of sheet under my hips, and the friction against my clit sent me gasping and falling over the edge again, Hunter snarling as he hurried to catch every drop that splashed out of me.

The bed shook as he crawled up, wedging his tip gently into my ass and then allowing his weight to bury him deeper as I gasped for air. The burn was exquisite, the stretch overwhelming, the tease and press of the piercings even clearer against this more delicate place.

Hunter was spread out on top of me, his arms sliding underneath my limp body to cradle me close. Every breath I took shifted Hunter's cock in my ass, but the sting and pressure made my entire body more sensitive, my heart pounding and my pulse heavy in my clit. Sweat broke out and goose bumps raced up to chase shivers.

Hunter's lips brushed my ear, down to my shoulder, one hand cupping my sex and two fingers pressing slowly and gently inside of me as I moaned, the pressure growing heavier but sweeter too.

"I feel more myself now, with you, than I have in years, little one," Hunter breathed into my skin, a private admission that brought tears to the corners of my eyes.

He moved like water, body surging so gently and slowly that I answered the motion like an echo. I was too breathless, mindless to answer, and too afraid of the words floating through my head to speak them, but Hunter didn't care, just fucked me slowly, his fingers holding still inside of me to rub onto as we moved, the heel of his hand a steady press on my clit.

My orgasm was heavy and gentle, with no clear edges and never relenting, only occasionally rising up again with Hunter's patient and powerful fucking.

* * *

"It's not bad,"I said as Hunter's thumb stroked over my red, irritated knee where it peeked up from the bubbles of our bath.

I was covered in Hunter's cum by the time he was done with me—using my breasts once when my body had protested any more—and nearly asleep, but he'd washed me tenderly in the bath, surveying all the marks he'd left on me as he worked.

The carpet burns seemed to be the only marks that really bothered him, and I suspected it was because he hadn't been the one to make those, not directly.

"But I would look pretty in a harness that extended down my hips," I added.

Hunter hummed in thought at that, his palm covering the red mark. "You would," he said, head turning and lips kissing my temple.

"And with handles on my hips, you could teach me how to ride your cock," I added.

Hunter wrapped himself even tighter around me in the water, lips sucking droplets off my shoulder. "My clever pet," he rumbled into my skin.

He'd been quiet all through the bath, although very cuddly, and I stroked my hands over his arms, waiting for him to speak and growing too impatient when he didn't.

"Go on, ask," I whispered. He stiffened and then relaxed again as I cuddled closer, preferring his heat even to the bath's. "Ask me what's running through your head."

"You... Did you truly enjoy that? Dinner and the harness and..."

"And you fucking the air right out of my lungs until I was a filthy limp rag doll of a pet on your cock?"

Hunter's hands tightened on my sides, his cock twitching with an impressively persistent interest.

"I loved it," I said softly, rubbing my head against his jaw. "But something to protect my knees while I crawl would be nice. And I really think I ought to be allowed to get you off when I have my mouth on your cock."

Hunter laughed, arms loosening and hands stroking up my ribs to my breasts and collarbone and down to my hips. I hummed and sighed at the touch, body worn out but heart touched by his care.

"I will take my pet's suggestions into consideration. For now, I have need of her again," he said.

I twisted and wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he lifted me from the water. He carried me toward the towels stacked on a table, and I expected him to set me down to dry us off. Instead, he sat me down on the stack of towels, spreading my knees apart as he stepped between them.

"Oh! Ohhhh," I laughed as Hunter fit the head of his cock at my entrance and pressed slowly forward. I was tender and swollen from the night already, every little bead pushing past my entrance a notable intrusion.

"Forgive my hunger," he whispered.

"I love your hunger," I assured him, leaning in for a lazy kiss, as leisurely and aimless as his slow and uneven thrusts inside of me. I pulled away when I needed breath, and Hunter's hands on my ribs balanced me as I lowered myself back on the table, my hands tracing around my breasts. "Bring your hunger here, if you wouldn't mind."

Hunter laughed and I grinned in victory as he bent forward, that elegant, long tongue of his circling and teasing around my fingers.

"Oh, yes, that's very nice," I praised, my eyelids fluttering softly closed as Hunter licked and suckled, careful with his tusks to be both gentle and teasing.

"Perhaps we ought to have you play the master next time," Hunter mused.

At the thought of Hunter bent forward, legs spread so I could see his ass and sac and cock hanging and ready for me—and the thought of him strapped in leather too—I clenched around him.

"You like that," he hissed, bucking into me and groaning.

"It's a very clever idea," I teased.

And in fact, it gave me another rather good idea.

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