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I stoodin front of the large mirror in the corner of Hunter's bedroom, twisting on my toes and examining myself. In spite of Hunter's eager response in my dressing room—warring briefly with himself over fucking me directly on the chaise before all but dragging me back out of the theater—by the time we'd made it back to his house, his control had returned.

We'd had luncheon in the dining room, and I'd gently pried information about being a pleasure pet from Hunter's lips. I wasn't sure if playing the part of a pet would be exciting for myself, but it was obviously thrilling to him and that was a powerful enough incentive. I'd played so many roles for the theater, putting on another for Hunter would be as easy as it was gratifying.

I ran the brush Hunter had offered me through my hair draped over my shoulder and then set it aside on the table by the mirror. I was freshly washed from head to toe, copper red locks still a little damp, and I pushed my hair back over my shoulder, arms stretching to braid it tightly under his instructions, my eyes glancing to the clock. Nearly time to meet him.

"I can send all the servants to the kitchens, serve dinner myself," Hunter had offered.

"I don't mind. I'm only for you to touch?"

"Tonight, yes," Hunter said, an intriguing possibility left for the future in the statement.

I found the leather tie left on the table for me, and my braid slapped between my shoulder blades. I looked at the clock again and bounced on my toes. Was I allowed to be early? It was still twenty minutes to seven, when Hunter had told me to come join him in his office, but I was jittery and buzzing with curiosity.

Would I be chastised if I was early, or rewarded? Either option was intriguing. It was like I was getting ready to walk on stage, except the audience was private tonight, only Hunter, a more intimate experience. More important too. I wanted to be perfect, especially after learning about the woman before me.

Deciding that eagerness might please him, I turned to go and find Hunter. I was more aware of my own nudity here in this grand house, with soft carpets under my bare feet, than in the crowded and chaotic backstage of the theater. There, I usually wasn't the only one naked, and I certainly wasn't running past fine art and beautifully made furniture.

A house elf passed by the doorway that led to the dining room as I made it downstairs, but he didn't glance at me. I was only for Hunter's gaze tonight, and the thought made my skin warm and overly sensitive.

My steps slowed as I neared his office, the door only partially ajar. The tile on the floor here was cold and a little slippery, and I shivered as I stopped just short of the opening. The air coming out of the room was warm, and I could hear the soft crackling of a fire inside and little whispers of a pen scratching over paper.

"You're early."

I jumped in place and then inched toward the door, hand outstretched but hesitating.

"I...I was excited," I called softly into the room.

A chair squeaked and fabric rustled, but I remained on the other side of the door, determined to wait for permission.


I stepped inside and found Hunter immediately, his back to the fire, jacket off, eyes fixed to me.

"Kneel," he said. The short commands turned my familiar orc into a stranger, imposing and almost dangerous.

The office had carpets spread out and layered, and the wool was thick and scratchy against my knees as I obeyed.

Hunter moved forward in one long step and then stopped himself abruptly, and I smiled at the glimpse of the orc I knew, his face open with hunger and surprise at the sight of me.

"Crawl to me."

I leaned forward, my hands sinking into the dense weave of the wool, my braid sliding over one shoulder to sway with my movements.

"Shoulders back, chin high, little one," Hunter purred, regaining some of his previous control.

I slowed my crawl, focusing on the arch of my spine and the tilt of my chin, creating a pretty view for him to enjoy.

"Very good," he said, when I'd nearly reached him. "Sit up and rest your palms behind you on your heels."

The position made my thighs burn and thrust my breasts forward. I ducked my chin, imagining what obedience might look like, but Hunter growled in response.

He bent and lifted my face again, gazing warmly down at me. "No. I want you as proud of yourself as I am proud to possess you now."

A warm flush ran through me at the praise, and I strained as I stretched toward him. He rose again and stared down at me, gaze vivid and sharp with hunger.

"Beautiful," he murmured. He stared at me for a long time, pacing slowly around my back, stopping there. "Now, hands together on the floor in front of you, and lower your head to meet them."

Face down, ass up. Just like stretches with Myra, I thought. I bent down and rested my forehead on the back of my hands, shivering as Hunter's foot slid between mine, tapping side to side.


My breath shuddered out of me, a gentle ache building in my core as I spread my knees wide apart, leaving a clear view of my ass and pussy for Hunter's eyes.

His breath rushed gently over the cheeks of my ass, and one hand stroked over the backs of my thighs, squeezing and testing the muscle. I whimpered against my hands as his fingers stroked over my puckered hole and then down to the lips of my sex, spreading them open and then rubbing them together. Heat bloomed in my core and seeped out, and Hunter purred with approval.

"You please me."

"Thank you, master," I gasped out, the words shockingly natural to say in the moment.

Hunter's hand left my pussy, and I bit my lip to stifle my objection. He rubbed at the back of my neck briefly before gathering the base of my braid in his hand and using it to guide me back up on my hands and knees. His other hand reached to my hips, gently arranging my legs closer together. His hands smoothed over my hips and shoulders, pushing and adjusting me gently, until my back was straight and flat, eyes on the floor.

"These are three positions I would like you to remember. Can you do that for me, little one?"

"Yes, master."

Hunter stroked over my spine and I held still, even when I wanted to arch into his touch.

"I admit I like when you call me master, but will you save it for when I please you?"

I grinned at the floor, twitching under his hand slightly. "Yes, master."

Hunter chuckled and stepped back. "We have ten minutes until dinner, and I need somewhere to put my teacup. Follow me."

He glanced back at me, smiled when he saw my chin lift exactly as he'd instructed the first time, and then settled into an armchair to the right of the fire.

"Here," he said, pointing down at the floor at his side. I crawled to the spot, flinching slightly at the scratch of the carpet as he looked away. He lifted a cup and saucer from a small side table—so much for not having anywhere to put it—and watched me as I straightened my back and pointed my nose down to the floor. His hand smoothed over my spine, down to my ass, where he patted lightly.

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