The Company of Fiends (Tempting Monsters 2) - Page 44

He turned and headed for his own dressing room. "The imp chased me out of your room last night. Were you sore?"

I frowned at the thought of Ronan interfering in any way. "A bit. A…friend gave me a massage."

Constantine nodded. I hadn't been back in his dressing room since the day he'd arrived, and a little thread of nerves hit me as he settled me on the bed and went to close the door. We were both completely naked, and Constantine's movements were more fluid out of clothing, his elegantly elongated body moving confidently throughout the space.

He had the impression of a human form, but the details were too perfect, an uncanny finish on his frame. He paused, looking back at me, and I realized I'd been caught examining him.

"Why did you ask for a guest act?"

My legs were slightly parted, my body propped up on my elbows, so similar to the first time when he'd licked and barely touched me and sent me unraveling. I thought about crossing my legs, covering myself with a sheet, but Constantine's stare was too fixed, like any motion on my part might cause him to leap into action.

"I didn't," he said, stepping forward.

I frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I am here upon request." Another step.

Was that a clench of interest from my cunt, or a remaining flutter of the many orgasms I'd had on stage?

I'd assumed the conversation I'd overheard between Reddy and Myra about a man who couldn't be refused had to do with Constantine. So either he was lying, or Reddy had some other fate in store for me.

"Roll over," Constantine said. One more step, and his feet would bump against mine.

I turned slowly, my stomach sore from clenching, my body nearly as weak as it had been the night before. My spine prickled and I stared up at the wall, where Constantine's shadow loomed up to the ceiling.

"Crawl up the bed."

I swallowed, trying to think of another question, as if it could erase this growing sense that I was helpless, alone in the room with this demon. Still, my knee slid up onto the bed, body wobbling as I lifted myself up, crawling slowly forward to the top of the bed.

"Spread your knees and lean down," Constantine said.

My breath hitched, and my arms gave out eagerly. Constantine's pillows smelled clean, untouched, and I knew without asking that no one but myself had laid in this bed since he arrived. I sucked in another deep breath as the mattress dipped by my feet. For almost a minute I waited, until a tingle of warmth and awareness melted over my ass and exposed sex.

"You smell like me," Constantine whispered, and his breath was close, tickling over my pussy, his own release leaking out of me as I clenched again, this time certainly in interest.

"You can…you can fuck me," I said into the pillows, lifting my head just enough to be heard. "If you want to."

I wanted him to, which was insane after this evening's performance. Con and Antin were powerful with a single touch, merciless and consuming. But Constantine, complete and entire, cast a different kind of spell. His touch had no unusual effect on me, but he did. I wanted to be as much under the control of his will as I was Con and Antin's touch.

Long fingers wrapped around either of my thighs, and I braced myself for his tongue or his cock, panting into the pillows, embarrassingly eager to be unmade again.

With a yank of his hands, I was flat on my belly, eyes wide on the empty wall. And then long fingers dug almost bruisingly into the backs of my thighs, a sterner and more determined version of Hunter's treatment the night before.

"In time, perhaps," Constantine said.

I groaned as he dragged his thumb down a long muscle, my whole body tensing and releasing with his grip.

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