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Feeling the wall press against my back, I realized there was nowhere else to run. My legs trembled as the heat pulling between them grew. Looking up, he had managed to reach me. Lifting my arms, I placed my hands flat against his chest. My tongue felt thick in my mouth as I tried to speak yet no words formed. Hearing that Mason had his eye on me for much longer than I could have comprehended, it was too much.

He reached forward, cupping my face in his palm. “Can you possibly imagine how serious I feel about you? I’ve wanted to make you mine since the first time I looked at you.”

Sucking in a breath, my eyes lowered to his lips. Licking my own, I nodded my head. “I’m yours, Mason,” I whispered before the distance between us became too much.

He then leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, dropping his hands away from my face just to grab me and pull me closer to his body. He wasted no time getting a taste of my mouth, immediately invading my warmth with his pressing tongue.

Accepting that he wanted me as much as I did him, I was ready to give myself entirely to him. Maybe I liked him more than I realized.

Groaning against his tongue, I reached behind me to grab at the zipper of my dress. My clothing was just getting in the way of feeling his skin pressed against my own. Dragging it downward, I had to pull away for only a moment to pull it off my shoulders. Returning to the kiss, my hands clawed at the front of his jeans. I was growing more impatient by the second, I didn’t realize how badly I wanted him until I was so close to getting what was within my grasp.

Pulling away from him, I was forced to suck in a breath. By the way he devoured my mouth, it was impossible to breathe. Once I was panting and sucking in air greedily, his mouth pressed against my neck, kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin. I felt light-headed as I managed to get his jeans undone. Gripping them, I forced them downward. He seemed to have no issue stepping out of them.

“Get on the bed,” I ordered softly as I gave him a light push.

If it were up to him, I’m sure he would have no problem taking me wherever he wanted. Luckily for me, he was patient enough to manage to pull away. Doing as I asked, he got onto his bed and smiled, his eyes lingering on my frame as I approached him. Stripping away my undergarments, I felt a bit self-conscious being so vulnerable around him. But by the appreciative look in his eye, I knew he was only thinking good things. Eyeing his own body, my eyes lowered and I sucked in a breath. Seeing how hard and ready he was for me, it left my body aching.

I was about to do something that I hadn’t done in a long time. Getting on the bed with him, I blushed as I crawled on top of his waiting body. “Tell me if I am too heavy,” I told him as I pressed myself against him. Just from the small friction alone, I was already biting my lip not to moan. Once he was inside of me, I didn’t know how long I would manage to last. Deciding to enjoy myself, I took my time pressing against him.

“You are not even close,” he reassured me as he sat up, his own breathing picking up as I continued. Pressing our chest together, he wrapped his arms around me.

Fighting the urge to roll my eyes, I lifted my hips and sucked in a breath as I lowered my hand to grip him. Once we were positioned, I slowly slid downwards and earned the sound of a groan from his lips. Moving my hands to his shoulders, I gripped him for the support I needed as I slid further down. Once I was fully wrapped around him, I stilled and waited for my body to relax.

The warmth his body provided being pressed up against mine was intoxicating. Closing my eyes, I sucked in a quick breath as I began to move. Raising my hips, my nails dug into his shoulders as I pressed back down. His hands helped guide me as I rode him, the bubbling in my gut grew as the sensations felt overwhelming. Feeling my pulse in my ears, my lips parted as I began to struggle to maintain even breathing. “Mason—” whining softly, my body flushed against his as I picked up my pace. Feeling him rub against me entirely left me growing in volume.

“You feel amazing,” he whispered against my neck, encouraging me to keep going. Kissing and sucking, I was sure there would be a mark or two to remind me about this night. Not like it mattered anyway, it would be impossible to forget being with Mason like this.

The longer I rode him, the pleasure that had been building up the entire time had become nearly impossible to ignore. I could barely focus on both of us at the same time. Nor could I stop myself from being loud. Even after apologizing, I couldn’t stop moaning and gasping as I tried to hang on. While I wasn’t sure how he was doing, I was growing closer to my end.

I was pretty sure Mason could tell. Deciding to do something about it, one moment, I was pressed against his lap. The next, my back was pressed against the bed.

“As sexy as you look on top of me, I remember how good you looked under,” he teased breathlessly as he pressed himself deeper inside of me. Now in control, he began thrusting at a quicker pace, sending me over the edge. He seemed close as well as his breathing grew louder. Continuing to thrust into me, he hugged my body close to his as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear.

From compliments to words that left me feeling warmer inside, I kissed him, hoping he could at least receive a hint of my feelings for him.

Grunting, his arms twitched and flexed around me as he stilled, submitting to his release. Heat filled me, leaving me fighting to catch my breath. He collapsed next to me, just as worn out. Immediately after, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. After tugging at the blankets, he tossed them over us as our exhaustion began to get the better of us. Unlike the first time, we didn’t need to go all night long. This was satisfying enough.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered against the top of my head.

Humming a response, I enjoyed the feeling of security with his arms wrapped around me the way they were. Closing my eyes, I nearly fell asleep before his chest vibrated.

“Call me crazy, but I think I’m in love with you,” he whispered softly. I couldn’t tell if he actually wanted me to hear him or not.

But there was no way I could pretend to sleep over such strong words. Looking up at him, I found myself getting lost in his eyes. There was a happiness that filled my chest, was this the feeling I had always tried to grasp but could never get a grip to hold onto? I always wanted love and Mason was the first to give me exactly that. Sliding my hands up his chest, I cupped his face gently before brushing my lips against his. “Thank you,” I whispered back as I found my emotions getting the better of me.

There was still a small doubt that still lingered, telling me that I would end up alone. So while I couldn’t exactly say it back, I would make sure that he would feel the exact amount of love he sent my way. There was no way I would let him beat me in that department.

Pressing against him, I found myself feeling less exhausted as energy filled me. Kissing him once more, I deepened it, groaning when his hands ran across my skin once more. I knew sleep was nowhere near in our future. Rolling back on top of him, I was already ready for round two.

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