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“Cheers,” I told him with a sarcastic smile before taking a sip. The fruity blend exploded my taste buds and it was enough to bring a moan from my lips. It was better than I could have imagined. Sucking it down halfway, I set the glass down and let out a smile that felt a bit more natural.

Looking at the bartender, I squinted to try to see what his name tag said. “Mason, thank you.” Meeting his eyes, a grin formed on his lips, seemingly satisfied with my reaction.

“Now when you come by, you can mix up your usual from time to time. You can busy yourself with trying out some different tastes, I’ve made many drinks in my time.” He suggested with a brow raise.

Blowing a raspberry, I shrugged my shoulders. It was pretty bad if he recognized me just because of all of those failed dates. Grabbing the straw, I stirred what was left of the concoction. Looking at him, I took in his appearance. How did I manage not to notice how good looking he was this entire time? Was I really so distracted with finding myself a boyfriend that I didn’t see the opportunity standing on the other side? Biting my lip, I knew that I shouldn’t be looking at him in that way. I had just been abandoned, I could only imagine how bad it would look if I was already moving on to someone else. Especially if that person was someone who worked here.

Though he did make me realize something–I wanted to make the calls instead of letting someone else pick for me. This man didn’t seem too bad. He had a charming smile and a deep voice that was as rich as a piece of velvet cake. Why couldn’t she have found someone like him for me instead of guys that never worked out?

“Mixing up the usual does sound tempting,” I agreed as my lips curled upward. Letting my eyes roam, I noticed a lack of a wedding band, which meant he wasn’t married. I would struggle to think a guy like him could be single, though there was always the possibility. Even if he could help itch a scratch I’d had for such a long time, it would be enough.

If I couldn’t find love, then I’d get what was second best. I just hope I wouldn’t regret going against everything I believed in. Hooking up was the last thing on my mind, except now, I was beginning to care less.

Feeling my heart swell in my chest, I tried not to let myself be deterred. “What about you? Are you busy? After work I mean.” Great start, now I’ll just need to throw a pickup line his way and I’ll be set. I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes at myself as I tried not to fumble my words. Turns out, it’s harder than I remembered asking a good looking guy out.

Rather than turning me down immediately, I was met with silence. Expecting any sort of rejection, I was surprised when I managed to look him in the eye. He looked stunned, probably just as surprised as I was.

Heat blossomed across my face as I brushed some hair behind my ear. Preparing an apology, I tried not to search for the nearest exit to run away from my shame.

“Sure, uh, no. I’m not busy.” He answered, his words only growing my surprise. He sounded just as awkward as I was feeling.

For someone in their mid-twenties, I should have had this offer in the bag. Why was I feeling so embarrassed? He said yes, that should have been enough to reassure me.

“You’re not going to suddenly disappear on me, are you?” I joked half-heartedly.

He chuckled, leaving goosebumps rising on my skin from the sound alone. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” He then lifted himself off the bar. “If you haven’t left by closing, meet me at the back.” He instructed as he reached out to grab my glass. “Another?”

Nodding my head, I bit back a grin. I had to remind myself not to get my hopes up. This wasn’t something like you’d read in a romance novel. This would be something to help me get over the past.

After everything was said and done, I was pretty sure that I would be done with all of these blind dates. I was tired of hurting, I wanted to feel the complete opposite. I was pretty sure this man was going to be able to help me experience exactly that.

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