The Black Fox (The Dirty Heroes Collection) - Page 31

“Get the room cleaned. Her body can go in the incinerator, he doesn’t want her.” Henrik looked at his watch. “My father should be here soon. I’m going to change.”

“What do you suppose your step mother wants? She never comes without an agenda.” Oliver follows behind Hendrik.

Hera will have a task for him, of that Henrik is positive. And whatever it is, it’s going to set his anger ablaze. Just looking at the woman soured his mood. But for the love of his father, he will keep himself in check.

“Whatever she wants will be dealt with. As always.” Henrik stopped at the foot of the stairs. “Creon took the death of niece easily. Even with knowing I fucked her before I snapped that little neck of hers.”

Oliver’s eyes widened. “You just can’t keep away from the fire, can you?”

Henrik slapped him on the back. “The deal was McKinley. Fucking Henrietta was payment for dealing with her.”

“I hope you’re right about him taking it well.”

“I didn’t say he took it well. I said he took it easily. Just to be sure he’s not secretly mourning the loss; I want a guard at the gates tonight. Another in the security room here at the house.”

“I’ll get it done.” Oliver, Henrik’s top man, and closest friend never let him down.

Henrik made his way up the staircase. A few more hours then he could get his ass into bed. It would be a short night, but the headaches of today would be in the past.

“Henrik. They just pulled up.” Olivier’s voice carried up the stairs, smacking Henrik in the back. Fuck.

He was going to have to greet his father and step mother with the aroma of pussy still lingering in his beard.

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