When She's Lonely (Risdaverse) - Page 31

"Take this off," he commands me as he takes a step back, shucking his belt and kicking off his boots.

I jump to my feet, eager to do the same, and as I undress, I eat him up with my gaze. I love seeing every inch of hard, muscled flesh that's revealed to me, love the flat abdomen and the incredible obliques that vee down to his groin. I love the way his tail flashes back and forth, showing his excitement even when his body movements are more controlled. I love all of this.

I hate that I waited so long to make the jump. We could have been friends with benefits all this time.

I kick off the last of my clothing and stand in front of him, naked. My nipples are tight, my pulse throbbing between my thighs, and I lift my head as I gaze up at him, unafraid. He needs to see that I want this, because the last thing I need is him getting an idea in his head like I'm shy or being coerced or something stupid. My body isn't perfect, but I've got decent tits and if my ass is a little flatter than I'd prefer, the curve of my hips flares out from my waist and makes me look good naked anyhow.

He pauses as his auto-fastener clicks at his waist and then meets my eyes.

"All of it," I tell him, breathless. "You don't have anything I haven't seen before. I'm not a virgin, and this is far from my first time."

Khex chuckles. "I just didn't want to overwhelm you with its magnificence."

And then he drops his pants.

It's magnificent, all right. It's been a long time since I've seen a dick, and I don't think I've seen one as magnificent as his, ever. He's long and size proportionate, which I expected, but he's also incredibly thick, with a fat spur that juts out just above the base of his cock. There's a piercing that winks at the top of his cock, and like everything else with him, it looks exaggeratedly oversized. It's big enough for three piercings side-by-side, and just raised enough to absolutely make a mess of my insides, in all the best ways.

"All right, then," I say, breathless.

"Still want to do this?"

"Oh yeah." I nod, unable to take my eyes off of the bobbing head of him. Even as I stare, a bead of pre-cum slides down the head of him, glistening. The sight of it makes my insides clench with need. "Very ready."

"Good," he says brusquely, and then he's closing the distance between us, cupping my face and bending down so he can kiss me once more. His mouth is savage on mine, hungry and needy and oh-so-intense that it makes me breathless.

I whimper, clinging to him as we kiss. His skin is warm against mine, and my belly quivers every time my nipples brush against his skin, which means I'm trying to do that constantly. Since he's hunched over to kiss me, though, it's a losing battle. I slide my arms around his neck, trying to drag him down to my height so I can press my body fully against his.

"On the bed, now, Ash," he tells me, and gives my flank a playful smack. "Hands and knees."

I bite back another whimper, because I am more than ready for this. We're moving from the kissing directly to the fucking, and I'm so aching and needy that I practically fling myself onto the bed, raising my hips into the air and lowering my head. The bed creaks and shifts as Khex gets on behind me, and one big hand palms my ass. I close my eyes, spreading my thighs wider because I need this. Need him. "Ready," I whisper again, just in case he is waiting for a signal from me.

To my surprise, it's not his cock I feel parting my folds, but his tongue. I yelp, quivering as he locks one arm around one of my thighs, the other on my buttock and pulling me wide so he can drag his tongue over every single fold.

"Think I haven't dreamed of burying my face into this gorgeous cunt day and night?" He says it loud enough that I can hear just fine, and pauses long enough to lap at me, making me squirm in place. He's got me pinned, and it's the best thing I've ever felt. "Think I haven't wanted to lick you for hours every day? Because I've thought about it, Ash. I've thought about it constantly."

I bite down on my knuckles, crying out when his tongue spears deep inside me.

He smacks my buttock with one hand, and then goes back to licking. Khex has done this before, I realize with a ragged breath. He knows just what feels good. That ridged tongue dragging over my folds, the tease against my clit before delving away again, only to return once more. He starts a rhythm, the tip of his tongue flicking against the side of my clit even as he slides his hand just above his mouth and begins to finger-fuck me.

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