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“You’re sexy in jeans, and this white dress shirt shows off your sexy bod,” she had assured him. She wore a pretty white dress her sister had bought her. It wasn’t frilly or lacy, but it made her feel like a bride. She wore a white rose in her hair from the flowers Jasmine and Holly had bought for her. Tony had bought her a gold band and she insisted he wear one, too.

“So all those hussies like Dee know you belong to me,” she had huffed. He had chuckled and twirled her in a circle, lifting her off of her feet, making her giggle.

“You’re the only woman I want and need. Only you,” he promised, and she believed him.

He had been pissed that John got away. So had Noah. Alicia didn’t care as long as he never came back again. She planned to live her life to the fullest and be happy. She had dreams and hopes for a family of her own someday.

She met with Janice’s parents and told them she remembered. They had been upset, but at least they knew what had happened to their daughter. Mrs. Sands had put the blame on the drugs. They had done their best to help Janice live a clean life. Janice had not wanted their help. They started an organization in Janice’s name to help those hooked on drugs. Alicia promised to volunteer her time and so did Alana and the girls.

“Best wishes, baby sister.” Ray had shaken Tony’s hand after he hugged his sister.

“She has my heart, Ray,” Tony said solemnly. “I will take care of her.”

Carlos Garcia had walked up to them. He looked happy. He patted Tony’s back. “She needs a strong man to rein her in at times. She is my wild one, but I love her so much.”

“I love you, too, Papa.” Alicia had hugged her father.

“Now we only need Ray to find himself a wife,” Alicia teased.

Ray look horrified. “That is a horrible thing to say. I need a drink now.”

They all laughed as he walked away.

“He’ll change his mind when he finds the right woman. I did,” Tony said, giving Alicia a wink. Holly and Matt walked up to them next. “Faith is sorry she missed the party.”

“I’m glad she is okay. I can’t wait to meet the newest Blake member.”

Holly grinned happily. Her sister Faith had a son in the early morning hours. “David Adam Blake is what they named him. I held him earlier. He is so adorable. He has Adam’s hair and eyes.”

Matt hugged his brother after kissing Alicia’s cheek. “I look forward to helping you build your new home. If Noah ever fires us, I think I will build houses for a living.”

Tony had decided to build them their own house on the same property. He wanted Alicia to have her own space and make it her own. He still had no desire to live in town and she didn’t mind. She dealt with people all day at work. It would be nice to come home to a quiet, peaceful house. Plus, she had Holly as a neighbor.

“My brother-in-law would never fire you two.” Alicia laughed.

After Matt and Holly went to dance, Tony bent down and placed a soft and tender kiss on her lips.

“What was that for?”

“You have given me hope for the future, Alicia. I love you and I want children someday. I can wait if you feel like you’re not ready yet, but let me remind you I am not getting any younger.”

She laughed aloud with joy. She was going to bring that subject up when they were alone. “I am ready, babe. You’re an old man, after all. I threw my pills away this morning.”

He picked her up and swung her around. “Yes. I will show you how old I am when we are alone tonight.”

“Why wait?” she asked cheekily. “Let’s get out of here and let them drink and be merry. I want to see if my husband has another challenge for me. I believe I won the last one.”

He let out a booming laugh, causing people to look their way. Tony ignored them all and focused on her. “You did win, but I have a few more up my sleeve.”

He looked at the crowd. “We’re tired. Goodnight. Enjoy.”

People gave them knowing looks but waved them off. They walked down the sidewalk in the cold November air. Alicia looked up at the stars. She had no need to look for a shooting star. All her dreams had already come true, and the future looked bright and hopeful. She grabbed Tony’s hand and dragged him to his truck. He laughed and picked her up. He ran with her over his shoulder and she laughed loudly. Yes, her dreams had come true. She had found love in a retired soldier who had been afraid to take a risk. She planned to give him so much love he would never feel insecure again.


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