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“Hey, Holly,” Matt yelled over his shoulder.

Holly came out of the kitchen looking alarmed. Her blonde curls were pinned up and bouncing with her quick steps. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Matt grinned. “I think Tony did something right, finally. Alicia is his girlfriend.”

Tony picked up a pillow from the couch and it went sailing across the room, hitting Matt in the chest. Holly squealed happily and hugged Alicia. “I knew he really liked you. This is good news. Congratulations.”

Alicia blushed. “Thanks for dinner. Tony is going to drive me home.”

Tony grabbed her hand and led her outside to his truck. She felt like she was in a daze. The road to starting a relationship with this man had been tough, but so worth it. Now if they could catch Novak and find out who the shadowy figure was, everything would be perfect.

Chapter Sixteen

It was a week before Alicia and Tony were able to go on another date. Alicia worked all week, despite her family’s protest. The pain pills dulled the pain.

Noah got a lead on Novak being sighted in Greene County, and they worked with the sheriff there, traveling back and forth. Tony worked a lot with Greene County sheriff department.

This time, Tony picked her up from her parent’s house. He shook her father’s hand and kissed her mom’s cheek politely. Alicia knew her parents liked him. He asked where she had made reservations. She told him at his favorite steakhouse and she saw his shoulders relax. He had been nervous, but he had perfect manners. He was being very polite and Alicia felt touched by his obvious attempt at making this date a good one. He even sipped on water.

“I must say, Deputy Smith, your manners are impeccable,” she commented seriously. She wore a classic black dress with a long gold chain around her neck. She admired how good he looked in his white dress shirt and dark gray pants.

“Thank you, Miss Garcia.” He smiled with amusement. “Today was the day for lectures. I got one from Matt and Holly, and even my boss threw his two cents in.”

Alicia laughed. “Noah? I bet Alana put him up to it. She knows how much I have liked you for months now.”

He leaned forward and gave her a sexy smirk. “Like? Is that all you feel for me, Miss Garcia? I was hoping for more. After we had sex, too.”

She took a bite of her baked potato and pretended to think. “I guess we’ll see what happens after dinner. Will I get a kiss goodnight?”

He smiled and it made the butterflies in her stomach go into overdrive. She could see the heat filling his eyes and it was contagious. She squirmed in her seat, tempted to throw her fork down on the table and drag him out of the busy restaurant. Her side was so much better, and she thought about being able to make love to him without having to be so careful.

“You might get more than a kiss, sweetheart,” he promised, looking serious. She wondered if he was thinking the same thing. She hoped so.

Her cheeks heated up and she looked into his green eyes. “I will hold you to that promise, Mr. Smith.”

After the dinner plates had been cleared, they lingered over coffee and made small talk. Finally, he paid the check and she followed him outside.

As soon as they got in his truck, he pulled her into his arms. Before she could even gasp, he had his tongue in her mouth. She melted against him and felt that heated sensation between her legs starting to develop. She put her hands on his chest. His hand was wrapped in her hair.

When he finally let her go, she was breathing heavily.

“I know this isn’t a romantic question, but will you come home with me? Matt and Holly headed to Austin for the weekend to see her mom and stepdad.”

Alicia nodded. “That is a very romantic question. I was tempted to throw you across the table in the restaurant and undress you. I wanted to explore you and put my tongue all over your body.”

“Hell,” he muttered. He gave her a stunned looked filled with fire. “That would have been interesting. I may have to have lots more dates with you, Miss Garcia.”

He started the truck and they made the drive in tense silence.

He helped her out of the truck and had her flat against it, his lips on her before she could even breathe. She moaned at the excited feelings stirring in her belly. The man could kiss. She was ready to tear off his clothes and hers. He moved his hands to her ass and squeezed.

“I love this body, Alicia. I love your curves.” She felt flattered. She always felt that she should join Holly and Jasmine when they jogged. She wanted him to be attracted to her. She had always wondered if he hesitated because she didn’t weigh under a hundred pounds.

“I’m glad, Tony. I always wondered if I lost some weight, maybe you would notice me more.”


bsp; He picked her up in his arms and carried up the porch stairs. He set her down in front of the door so he could unlock it and set the alarm back up. He took her inside. A small lamp left the room in a dim, romantic glow.

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