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“We are both single adults,” Dee snapped, putting a hand on her hip. It made her short, tight red blouse rise up and show her bare, pale skin. Her black skirt was so short Alicia was surprised they couldn’t see the color of her underwear. “Just because you have been mooning over Tony for months, Alicia, don’t get mad at me. He wants a grown-up, not some little kid like you. Tony is a tiger and doesn’t need a little mouse like you.”

Tony stood there with his arm around Dee’s waist, and she had her arms wrapped around his. He didn’t open his mouth. He just stared at Alicia as if he didn’t know what to say.

Alicia’s mouth tightened with anger. The barb stung. She was a lot younger than him and Dee. Dee was thirty and dressed like a teen still. “Well, I guess he can keep an old hag like you, because I am done here. I quit the team.”

She looked at Tony, letting her fury show clearly. “Don’t ever speak to me again.”

She turned and stalked off, heading back outside. She had come in here feeling so happy and confident. What was she thinking? She had sworn she would never let another man make her feel like shit the way John did. She couldn’t blame it on Tony. He never acted as anything but her friend. She had been the one with the hopes and dreams for more. It hurt. Once again, she was the one left with hurt feelings while the man walked away scot-free. It was so unfair. He’d stood there like a lump letting Dee talk to her that way. He was not even a good friend. She had been so blind. Were all women so blind to good-looking men, or just her?

She felt the warm air hit her face as she walked out. She felt the tears roll down her cheek but she ignored them. She felt totally humiliated. She wanted to go home and cry.

“Alicia, wait!” She heard Tony’s voice behind her but she ignored it. She kept walking, hoping to at least get inside her car before the floodgates opened.

Just as she reached for her car door, she felt him grab her arm. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

She sniffed and looked back at him. She felt like hitting him. “Go back inside to your girlfriend. Leave me the fuck alone.”

A look of anger came over his face. “Watch your language.”

“Or what? You gonna spank me, Tony, like the child I am?” she yelled, rather loudly. She took her keys out of her jeans pocket. Her hands were shaking when she tried to unlock the car. He grabbed the keys out of her hand.

“Alicia, I’m sorry you were upset by seeing me with Dee. I thought we were just friends.” His voice was soft. Was he feeling sorry for her? Anger overtook the hurt feelings. She didn’t want his pity.

“Go away, Tony. We are no longer even friends.” Alicia snatched the keys out of his hands. She looked into his green eyes for the last time. “Are you blind? Haven’t I flirted with you enough and thrown hints around? You prefer Dee’s fakeness over me? You didn’t even defend me in there.”

She allowed the hurt. Tears flowed down her cheeks, and she could not make them stop. She just wanted to go home and let them out freely.

“I was in shock. I never knew she could be like that. You know how Dee is. She likes to flirt. I never saw her bitchy side,” he explained seriously, looking a little confused.

“No, all you saw is her short skirt, fake blonde hair, and fit body.” Alicia felt self-conscious. She wrapped her arms around herself and let her chin touch her chest. “I’m the stupid one for thinking you could possibly like me. I am young and am not as skinny as Dee. Maybe Ray is right in always teasing me for loving his cooking. What man wants a chubby girl?”

“You are wrong, sweetheart. You are perfect the way you are. I love your curves,” he stated firmly.

“Then why was Dee nibbling on your neck while you were enjoying it? You had your hands at her waist,” Alicia accused him. She sounded like a shrill housewife who’d caught her husband playing around.

“I do like you, Alicia, but I figured I was too old and too rough for you,” he said softly.

Alicia shook her head. She unlocked her door and opened it. This whole night had turned out to be a nightmare. She felt humiliated and heartbroken.

"You could have talked to me, Tony. Don’t we know each other well enough to have honesty? Why do you think I came early? I was going to admit I liked you, and hoped you felt the same. Now I know. Have fun with Dee. A word of warning, she gets bored easily.”

She got in the car and slammed the door shut. He knocked on the window but she ignored him, refusing to even look at him. She started the car and took off. She pulled over at the local park and then let the sobs out, crying hard for the loss of love before it even began. Men were untrustworthy. She had to remember that.

She felt her cell phone vibrating through her jeans. She took it out and looked at the screen. It was Jasmine.

“Hey, girl, how’s the love fest going?” Jasmine chuckled.

Alicia opened her mouth to answer but all that came out was loud sobs.

Chapter Three

Alicia closed her locker door. Her head was pounding from her crying episode last night. Jasmine had met her at the park. They had sat on a bench as Alicia poured out the whole, ugly story. Jasmine had been pissed at Tony and had offered to hunt him down and tell him off. Alicia was glad she had such loyal friends. Holly had called her and also told her she had given Tony the cold shoulder at breakfast, but Alicia didn’t want Holly caught in the middle. Holly shared a house with Matt and his brother, Tony. Alicia had assured Holly she would survive and move on. She did her best to pretend it was no big deal when inside, she was dying.

“So do you want to come with us?” Janice asked. Alicia snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Janice. She had been working for them for two weeks now and seemed competent enough. Alana didn’t like her, but Alicia thought Janice just needed a chance. Janice was still young at twenty-two.

“I’m sorry. I was off in my own little world.” Alicia smiled as she closed her locker door. “Go where?”

Kelly grinned excitedly. Alicia knew Kelly better. She had been a waitress for seven months now. “Janice and I are going to Club Rock in Morehead. Janice says it is hopping.”

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