The Affair: Week 3 - Take A Chance - Page 19

Never had she imagined feeling so exquisitely desired.

“Do you think you might begin to understand the advantages of being restrained?” he asked before he kissed the opening of her ear. She shivered against him and turned her chin. He leaned over and she saw the hint of humor and the hard gleam of desire in his aquamarine eyes.

She smiled and shook her head, still panting. “I understand.”

“A little, maybe. There’s more. Much more,” he said, breaking contact with her. She missed his warm, solid length. He reached for her cuffs and unbound her. She lowered her arms with a sigh of relief. “But right now, you’ll have to deal with me.”

“Deal with you?” she asked, pausing in the action of rubbing her wrists.

“That??s right,” he said in a hard tone, taking her hand and leading her toward the great bed. He drew her around and she sat at the edge. He whipped off his T-shirt, muscles flexing beneath smooth, golden-brown skin. She saw the hard tilt to his mouth, and recognized the full extent of his arousal. “You were more than I was expecting,” he said.

He fleetly began to unfasten the button fly of his jeans, holding her stare the whole time. “Now you’ll have to accept the consequences.”

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