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“Oh, sorry.”

“Don’t be,” I say, gripping my cock. She wraps her legs around my hips, and I run my dick through her wet folds before I slowly push into her. She wraps her arms around my neck and pushes herself onto me further. “There’s no going back now.”

“I don’t want to go back,” she says, and I push through her cherry. Knowing that I am the only man to ever be with her like this makes me feel like a fucking king. Her king. Her tight pussy grips me, and I lose my mind. I pause, hoping to give her a chance to adjust, but “Don’t stop.” Her moans spur me on to fuck into her roughly. I know I should be going slowly, but I can’t. I literally can’t. The table under us creaks and groans as we move faster and faster together.

“Fuck, you’re so tight, Carnie.” When I woke up this morning, I never imagined that I’d be here like this with her. Months of feverish dreams are coming true at this moment.

“You’re so big. I feel so full,” she moans. I pull out of her and look down between us. The evidence of her innocence on my cock. I should have made love to her in a nice bed with fucking rose petals, but it’s too late now. I slide back into her. “It feels so good.”

Over and over again, I slam into her; she meets me thrust for thrust. Reaching between us, I rub her clit until she screams my name. I follow quickly behind her, filling her with my seed. After a few seconds, I pull out of her and rest my forehead on her chest.

“Let’s get out of here,” I say.

“Where are we going?” she asks, hopping down off of the massage table.

“Let’s grab a bite to eat, and then we’ll head to my place.”

“Sounds good. What did you have in mind?”


“Yum,” she says, pulling her pants back on. I chuckle as she hops on one foot putting her socks and shoes back on.

After getting dressed, I pull her into my arms, kissing her. I take her hand and lead her out to my car in the parking lot. I help her into the passenger seat, closing the door behind her. I pull out of the parking lot and onto the street, heading toward a nice restaurant near my condo.

“We should have done this months ago,” I say.

“Yeah. Sorry I was such a bitch that night.”

“You weren’t a bitch; I shouldn’t have come up to you like that.”

“I had just read an article about you in a magazine that said you got some singer pregnant. I didn’t want to be just another girl to you.”

“I assure you that I’ve never gotten anyone pregnant before. You’re the only woman my cock has ever been inside of.”

“What? That can’t be true. I can’t be upset that you have a past, but don’t lie to me,” she says, wringing her hands in her lap.

“I’m not lying to you, Carnie. I swear. I never made time for women before. I was too busy with my career to party or do the things the other guys on the team do.”

“That was your first time too?”

“It was.”

“Maybe we should skip Chinese and just order a pizza,” she says, reaching over and grabbing my hand. Her fingers entwine with mine, and I’m pretty sure my heart skips a beat.


“Yeah. We should try that in bed, don’t you think?”

“Hell yeah,” I say, pulling into the underground parking garage of my building. I screech into my parking space. Inside the elevator, we kiss until we reach my floor. My place is right next to the elevator. We are inside, and she’s pressed against the door in seconds. I kiss her and lead her to the bathroom. I fill the tub with hot water and help her out her clothes. “I don’t have fancy soaps or anything, but I have Dial.” I hold up the bottle of liquid gold like I’m their spokesperson or something.

“Dial is fine,” she says, laughing. “Why am I taking a bath?”

“You must be achy, and I’ll be joining you.”

“Ooh, sexy,” she says, climbing into the tub.

“Yes, you are,” I say, stripping and climbing into the tub behind her.

I wash her body and let her wash mine.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you barely know yet at the same time know them better than anyone else ever has?



The hot soapy water cascades over his body as I wash him off. His muscles ripple under my touch. I could touch him forever.

“Dios mío,” he murmurs. “Your hands are fucking magic. I don’t know how I’m ever going to let you touch other men.” His alpha attitude is hot as hell; even when I know I shouldn’t think it is, I can’t help it. The look on his face is serious but adorable. I can’t help imagining a future together.

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