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Maybe he wasn't done with me yet and I would have gotten my flowers next week. My jaw clicks and anger courses through me again. It’s not a feeling I’m used to. It’s foreign and I don’t like it. I hate all these feelings. I want to go back to the love and butterflies dancing in my stomach when I thought I’d found the perfect man. Thought I found the thing that I’d been missing and looking for all this time.

I don’t know how long I ride the subway, but when the car is somewhat empty and the evening rush is gone, I decide it’s time to get off. I want to go home but I’m worried Beau will show up there. Or worse what if he doesn’t. A part of me wants him to show up at my door and tell me he’s a changed man or something. That he’s madly in love with me.

“God, I’m pathetic,” I mutter to myself. I step off the subway, not even paying attention to where I am. I’m going to get something to eat then head home. I don’t have to worry about Tia wondering where I am. I already texted her earlier that I would be with Beau tonight. I really don’t want to tell her everything that happened. Not tonight anyway. It’s all still too raw.

I let out a small scream when I make it to the top of the stairs from the subway and strong arms wrap around me. Beau’s scent fills my lungs and I know it’s him. I try to fight him, but he only holds me tighter.

“Oh no, sunshine. Your ass is mine.” Then I’m in the air. My stomach hits his shoulder, taking me by surprise. I let out another small scream, and Beau smacks my ass.

I hear a catcall come from somewhere, reminding me we’re in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

“Fuck off,” Beau growls at whoever it was.

“Beau, put me down!” I yell.

“All right.” And he does, but into the back of a town car. I scurry to the other side of the car and try to open the door, but it’s locked. I hear the car door shut behind me as Beau slides in. I try the handle again, but nothing.

My mouth falls open when I see John sliding into the driver seat of the car and pulling away from the curb. My eyes dart from John to Beau.

“Not a word,” he says, his voice low and holding no room for argument. This must be the cold persona people were talking about in the articles I read.

“You don’t talk to me like that,” I snap back. The hardness drops away from his face for a moment, and the soft smile he always gives me comes back.

“I’m on edge, sunshine. Give me a moment to calm down. Maybe after I’ve had you a few times I’ll be better.”

I glare at him. “You’re never going to have me again.”

He studies me for a moment before taking a few deep breaths. “That’s where you're wrong. You’ll always belong to me.” There is a hard, possessive edge to his words. I open my mouth to retort, but he cuts me off. “Not a word until we’re alone.”


He cuts me off again. “Dove. I have ways to keep you from speaking.” His attention drops to my mouth and I know he’s right. If he kissed me right now I’d probably melt into him. I have no control when it comes to him. And it’s even worse with him so close to me. He looks like he’s about to come unhinged.

I drop back into my seat, scooting away from him, but Beau grabs me, pulling me into his lap and burying his face in my neck. His arms lock around me in a tight hold, making his words about me belonging to him ring true.



I breathe in her scent, getting myself under control. I lost it when I saw her in the elevator with tears running down her face. Then the doors closed, blocking me from her. I punched the elevator door, leaving a fist size dent in it and making Katie and Carrie both gasp.

My father looked at me in shock. He’d been on me from the moment he walked into my office. Someone opened their mouth about my Dove to him. Likely someone from security since we share the same people. My dad has wanted me to get married for years because he wants grandchildren. The problem with him, though, is he doesn’t care if I stay with the woman I marry, just as long as he gets grandchildren and I have an ironclad prenup.

I don't need a fucking prenup.

Dove doesn't say a word. She’s likely worried I’ll make good on my threat to keep her from talking. I knew it wouldn’t take much. She’s always falling into me when I kiss her. She melts my coldness with her light, shining on areas of my heart I didn’t know I had in me. I love that about her.

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