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Doubt and insecurity slip past my bubble of love and I wonder for a moment if he has a date or something. I pull back and look at him. I can’t believe that to be true. Not with the way he loved my body. He touched me like I was the only woman in the whole world and nothing else mattered. Maybe that’s how people have sex, but it wasn't just sex. We made love. I know it because I can feel it to my core.

I place one more kiss on his lips before I straighten up and step away. I can’t let my mind get the best of me. I’ll just need to come out and ask Beau when I see him tonight. At least I hope I see him tonight. I don’t like the idea of not going to bed with him. One night sleeping in his arms has ruined me.

I look at my dress—which is a complete mess—and grab Beau’s shirt off the ground. I’m sure he won’t mind if I wear it. Next I grab a pair of joggers from a chair nearby and slip them on. I have to roll the waist a few times, but thankfully there’s a string that I can tighten. I grab my shoes and tiptoe out of the bedroom so I don’t wake him up. When I make my way down the hall and to the elevator, I look around at his place. Seeing Beau’s home reminds me of the different worlds we come from and I wonder how we’ll fit when the outside would starts to press in on us. I knew he was a lawyer, but from what I see he must be a very successful one.

I’m a young girl who works in a florist shop with no plans for tomorrow. At least I didn't have plans for tomorrow until last night. Now I think I could spend eternity with Beau. I take the elevator down and then head out onto the street and grab a cab. I think about last night over and over again and I smile all the way home.

When I open the door to my apartment, Tia comes flying out of her room. I texted her last night that I was staying at Beau’s and after that text she was blowing up my phone.

“Is this the walk of shame?” she asks excitedly.

“I feel no shame,” I say tartly but giggle and try to cover my face with my hands.

“You dirty girl.” She wiggles her eyebrows. “So?”

“It was amazing,” I admit, ready to tell someone. “I think I’m in love with him.”

She studies me for a moment and I see a trace of sorrow in her eyes. “Dove, be careful. You don’t really know this man. Men can be—” She’s cut off when there’s a banging on the door.


My heartbeat races as I realize it’s Beau on the other side of the door.

I turn, flinging the door open in a panic thinking something might be wrong. Before I can open my mouth to ask what’s wrong, he’s on me instantly. He pulls me into his arms and his mouth lands on mine. His kiss is possessive and filled with so much need. As if he hasn't seen me in years. His hands tangle into my hair and he presses into me as if he can’t get us close enough.

When I finally pull back I’m out of breath, and he drops his forehead to mine. For a moment we’re both silent as we try to find the air in the room.

“Never mind what I was saying,” I hear Tia say, reminding me we aren't alone.

Beau’s body goes still for a moment and his face changes a little as he stands to his full height. He looks different like this.

“Hello, I’m Beau,” he says to Tia, introducing himself so formally.

“I’d hope so,” Tia laughs. “And I’m going back to bed.” With that, she turns and goes to her room.

“That’s Tia,” I tell him. “She’s not super friendly with new people.” I look him over and he looks a mess. His hair is wild. And he’s got on a T-shirt and joggers similar to the ones I’m wearing. It looks like he threw them on in a few seconds and didn't bother to think about what he was doing.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I just needed to get to work,” I say, placing my hands on his chest and smiling up at him. He must have followed me home.

Beau lets out a deep breath before running his hand through his hair. He looks down at me and cups my face with both hands. “You don’t leave the bed without waking me up, sunshine.” His hands are soft, but I can hear an edge in his words. He looks a little unhinged. “Did I hurt you last night?” His eyes soften at the question, and I see regret in his eyes.

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