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She stops jumping after a second then looks at me seriously. "Wait, why do you think you have a date?"

"He said he'd pick me up after work, but how does he know where I work?" It’s one question that keeps running through my head.

"Maybe you told him?"

"Maybe." I try to think back. We've made small talk over the past few weeks, talking a little more each day. I know he’s an only child, went to Yale, is in his early thirties, and a lawyer. "He gave me his number."

I pick up my coffee cup and show her. "I was thinking I should text him?" That way I could double-check that he knows where I work. I really would hate to not have this date tonight. I don't think I've ever been more excited about anything before. He could have been caught up in the moment and forgotten he didn't know, and now he has no way to get a hold of me.

"You kids and texting." Sue shakes her head.

There’s no way I’m calling, but I keep that thought to myself. In a text I won't have to worry about forgetting to speak or stumbling over my words. I can plan better over text and not seem like a blushing schoolgirl. Which I totally am these days. But what if I did tell him where I work, then I’ll look clingy and too excited about a date. I’m sure a guy like Beau is used to dating lots of women. The thought makes my stomach sink. I'm in over my head and I hate the idea of him with another woman. One who probably doesn’t blush every two seconds.

He thinks I’m hot, and no one has ever made me feel like that before. I felt like a woman in that moment. There was a power that came with it, and I felt like I could have all of him if I wanted to. And boy, do I want to.

"Text him," Sue tells me. She probably knows I’m starting to second guess myself.

I pick up my phone and scroll to his number. I already programed it in as soon as I got to work. As I tap on my messages, the chime over the door rings, and both Sue and I look up. John, the new superintendent, walks into the shop. He’s been here the past few weeks and it’s been a godsend. He fixes stuff around the shop that Sue has been trying to get the landlord to fix for months. I guess the building got bought by someone new and he’s making sure everything is good to go.

"John, I don't think I have anything else for you to fix around here," Sue tells him.

"I'm going to be checking the water lines today. Can't have a flower shop going without water." He shoots Sue a wink. I love all that he's done around here, but I feel like he doesn't like me. He never meets my eyes and barely acknowledges I'm here.

"Hi, John," I try, but he only gives me a nod as he heads toward the back.

"Such a sweet boy," Sue says. "If you and this Beau don't work out—"

"Married, ma'am,” we hear John say from the back.

Sue giggles. I shake my head, feeling a little embarrassed. "Okay, okay. I’ll go text him," I say as she goes back to her arrangement.

I put in his name and type out the text.

Me: Hey, it's Dove from the coffee shop. Wanted to make sure you knew where I worked and what time I get off.

I stare down at the phone thinking he’ll text me back right away, but there’s no response.

"He's probably busy, honey."

"Yeah," I agree halfheartedly. Sue gives my arm a squeeze and we both get back to work. I start putting flowers together, getting lost in the job until Luke comes in to pick up some orders for delivery. I help him carry some outside, making sure the balloons don't tangle as we load them into the truck.

When I walk back in I come up short when John is blocking my path. He’s actually making eye contact with me.

"Can I use your phone? Mine isn't working," he asks.

"Yeah, sure." I walk over to the counter where I left it and put in my code real quick, then hand it to him. He looks down at the phone and hands it back to me without making a call.

"Looks like you got some missed texts." He turns and walks away.

"I thought you needed to use it," I yell to his retreating back.

"I forgot I already had the part I needed. Don’t need to call anyone," he throws back without looking at me.

I glance at Sue, who just shrugs like she has no idea.

When I see the texts, my heart flutters at all the responses.

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