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“Yes,” she breathes as together we bunch up all the sparkly material of her dress.

Her panties are long gone, and her bare cunt is slick and sticky. “Fuck,” I groan when she pulls out my cock and slides over the ridge of it. “Go slow, baby, it’s my first time too. I don’t want to cum on myself before I even get it in.”

“And I don’t want to waste a drop.” She grabs the root of my cock and pumps her hand up and down a few times before she swipes it through her folds.

“We should have more foreplay,” I hiss, pressing against her opening. “I wanted to eat you out again before we did this.”

“Later,” she moans and sinks down a little. “I need this first.”

“Jesus, sweets. I’m gonna cum.”

“Do it,” she nearly begs as she holds the head of my cock at her entrance and pumps it some more.

“You’re going to kill me like this.”

When my cock jerks and pulses, she watches with wide eyes as my cum shoots inside her in a hot rush.

“I can feel it.” Her voice is soft, like she’s in awe as she slides down and takes more of me. “God, you’re so big.”

“Don’t talk dirty or I’ll cum again,” I gasp, and she falls the rest of the way down and seats herself completely on my dick. “Oh fuck.”

“I’m so full.” She rocks a little, and her head falls back. “But the ache feels so good.”

“Enough,” I growl, grabbing her by the hips and flipping us over. “It’s my turn.”

I hold her hips down with one hand, and my other reaches up and yanks on the top of her dress. Her tits spill out, and I lick my lips before latching on to one. She moans as I pump in and out, her pussy clenching around me.

There in the middle of our family room, I fuck my wife my for the first time. Out of all the times I imagined this moment, I didn’t think it would be like this, but god, it’s so much better. Nothing prepared me for how perfect she would be, or how special this moment is.

“I love you so much.” I hold her close to me and grind against her pussy, rubbing her clit in just the right spot.

“Don’t stop.” She tilts her hips up, welcoming my body into hers. “I love you, Cupid.”

When I feel her legs tense and her back arch, I keep grinding until she falls over the edge. Her pussy clamps around me, and I can’t hold back anymore. My thrusts are shaky now, and the feeling of her heat on my cock is too much. My cock pulses, and I cum so hard that I nearly collapse on top of her.

Her legs are around my hips, and when I look into her eyes, she’s smiling so big and beautiful. “I’ve never seen anything so gorgeous,” I tell her, brushing her loose hair away from her face.

“Again?” she asks, her eyebrows wiggling.

“Again,” I agree and thrust into her once more.

We end up making love all over the house that night and leave a trail of clothes along the way. It’s the best day of my life, and knowing that we have so many more ahead of us has my heart aching with happiness. Astrid was my beginning and she’ll be my end, from this day until forever.



One year later …

I stand in Star’s bathroom waiting for one of the freaking pregnancy tests to show me something. These are the longest two minutes of my whole life.

“I can feel it this time, Astrid. I swear it.” She slips her hand into mine.

She’s standing with me, hovering over the seven tests we have laid out before us. It might be overkill but I really don’t care. I’d peed in a cup so Star could help me dip them all as fast as we could to lay them out so they could all read at once. Nothing says best friend more than that. No, sister. She's my sister.

I had no idea when Star married my brother I'd be getting a sister of my own. It’s always been Nick and me. I was a bit worried when they got married, but happy for them of course. Nick deserved a good woman and Star is more than that. She lit up his whole world and showed him life isn’t only about work.

When you grow up with nothing like Nick and I did, sometimes you forget that. He’d always been so focused on making sure we never went without that he didn’t realize the joys in life he was missing out on. She gave that to him.

I’d really hoped that we’d get pregnant together. I guess I thought since she’d gotten pregnant so quickly the same would happen to Cupid and me. We go at it like freaking bunnies since we were once upon a time virgins. It’s like we’ve been making up for lost time.

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