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“Looks like everyone’s here,” Rae commented.

“Where’s your father?” I asked, gazing around.

“They’re either here already or right behind us,” Rae said. “Don’t worry about them. If we can see them, then the boys might be able to see them.”

The moment we opened the car doors, I could hear the loud music within the house.

“They’re starting early,” Taylor said. “Good. They’ll be too wasted to be careful.”

The front door was slightly open, which explained why the music leaked out so loudly.

“Hey, we’re here!” Taylor cried.

We heard a whoop from the room on the left. I tried not to gawk at all the artwork, the statues, expensive-looking rugs, and gilded mirrors. In the living room there were pieces of furniture that looked built for giants. The fireplace was the biggest I had ever seen, not that I had seen that many.

I recognized most of the boys and saw only one other girl. Some of the boys were sitting on the floor and some on the long sofa and oversized chairs. What looked like two bottles of vodka were on the large, oval coffee table with soda water, juice, glasses, and a bucket of ice. Most everyone was smoking, and it didn’t smell or look like plain cigarettes.

Ashley, who was in front of a stereo, turned and smiled. There was no doubt in my mind that something slippery and ugly was hidden beneath those laughing eyes.

“Hey, the party’s here!” he cried. The boys cheered.

I had seen people my age wasted on drugs and drink. I had been at many a party where sex, booze, and drugs were common, but there was something about this scene, about being among so many rich kids that made me nervous, as well as our secret plan I had to make work. Maybe it was just the size of the house and all the expensive things. I was in unfamiliar territory, and even though I wasn’t afraid of any of them, I couldn’t help feeling like a fish out of water. Even a shark has trouble there, I thought.

“What would you like to drink?” Ashley asked. “Or do you just want to go right to the party?”

I looked at Rae and Taylor. Rae nodded slightly.

“Why waste time? Ain’t time money?” I fired back at him, and the boys all whooped again.

“Well, enjoy an E,” he said, and handed me some Ecstasy. “It’s a fringe benefit.”

“Thanks,” I said, and pretended to take it, but kept it in between my fingers.

Grog jum

ped up.

“We already decided,” he said. “I’m first.”

“Lucky you,” I said, and there was another cheer.

I looked at Rae, and again she nodded. I glanced at the windows. Were the police watching? Were they already in the house? Could they hear everything?

“Right this way,” Grog said, taking me by the right elbow.

“Hold on,” I said, glancing at Rae. “Where’s the rest of your money?”

“Oh, right, sorry,” Grog said, and dug into his pocket to produce a fifty-dollar bill. He held it up.

The other boys seemed hypnotized, even Ashley. Soon, he would be choking on his nasty words, I thought.

Taylor and Rae watched me pluck the bill from Grog’s fingers and stuff it into my purse. I tried to make the action as big as possible so Rae’s father would be satisfied, wherever he was. Then I turned toward the door.

“He won’t be long,” Skip Lester called after us. There was another whoop of laughter.

We crossed the hallway and entered what looked like a big office.

“Right through here,” Grog said, continuing to a door in the rear.

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