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My secretary Kelvin decided after my client left that he needed to go over the notes. As much as I didn’t want to listen, I knew that if I didn’t he would come looking for me next door. My cock was so hard the skin around it was tight and painful. The only thing that could ease it was the warm silk of Valerie’s cunt.

After he rattled off all of the information about the executor’s estate and sale of their property, I was out of my seat like my chair was on fire. “Lunch,” I barked over my shoulder as I pushed out the door and went straight for Val.

She didn’t have time to tell me to stop before I had her bent over the arm of the chair in the changing room and I was pulling my cock out.

“Goddamn it, you’re so tight.” As if to torture me, she squeezes her thighs together, and I have to fight my way into her. “Stop it.” I smack her ass, but all she does is moan against my hand and push back on my cock.

She’s so wet, and when I look down at my cock I see she’s got it on the front of my slacks too. I’m going to have her all over me when we’re finished here, and all it does is make me harder.

“Fingers in your pussy like I didn’t already take care of you this morning,” I grunt as I thrust and thrust. “You just needed more, didn’t you, babe?”

She nods and closes her eyes, and I grit my teeth. We’ve been married all these years and still I can’t keep my hands off of her. I chase her around the house, grabbing all her soft bits, and she pretends she doesn’t like it. But I see the way she tries to hide her smile, and the way her eyes travel down my body when she thinks I’m not looking. I’ll let her keep on pretending, because the chase is half the fun.

“Now I’m going to be late for my next meeting, and I’m going to have to sit there with my dick wet and the smell of you all over me.” Leaning down, I blanket her body and then grind against her. “That’s what you want, isn’t it? To drive me crazy?” She nods again, and I smile. “That’s my dirty girl.”

She tilts her ass up, and I keep grinding against her, feeling her pussy squeeze me tight. She’s so close to getting off, but I keep her right at the edge. That’s what she gets for teasing me.

Moving my hand away from her mouth, I wrap it around her hip and between her legs. “Do you want to cum?”

“Yes,” she breathes as she arches against me.

“Ask me for it.”

“Tidas.” She says it like she’s desperate to get off, and I smile.

“Say please, Valerie.”

“Damn you, please.” She practically stomps her foot, and I laugh.

“Geez, you don’t have to beg.”

She curses as my fingers brush over her clit and then she melts. Her soft curves relax, and she spreads her thighs, giving me every part of her body.

“That’s my good girl,” I say against her ear, just before I thrust into her and pinch her clit.

When she cries out my name, I don’t try to muffle the sound. If there’s someone in the waiting room, let them hear. My wife loves me and my dick, and I take care of her anytime she’s needy.

One more thrust and I follow her over the edge, pumping my cock in and out as I go off. I coat every inch of my thick cock with her release and my own, needing her to mark me. I’m hers just as much as she’s mine, and this will be enough to hold me over. For now.

“You love getting into trouble,” I tell her when I eventually pull out and straighten my clothes. She’s still naked over the arm of the chair, so I sit down and slide her into my lap. “Miss me?”

“Yes.” She snuggles, and I feel her lips on my neck. “I love you, Tidas.”

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