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His hand dips down my ass. “Spread,” he orders as another smack lands on my ass. A whimper leaves me, but I do as I’m told. I pull them apart just a little, but it’s enough for him to see what he’s looking for. “So wet,” he groans. “You might not be hungry, but I am.”

When the hand pinning me to the counter leaves my back, I almost protest. Is he really stopping to get something to eat? Before I can get a word out, he grips both of my thighs and spreads them even wider before he buries his face between them.

I have no clue where the orgasm comes from, but the instant his tongue strokes against my throbbing clit, I scream out his name. Pleasure floods my whole body, and I wiggle against him, my clit too sensitive to take more when he keeps flicking it back and forth.

I stop moving when his hold on my thighs tightens, his tongue sweeping down to my opening. He thrusts his tongue in and out of me like he would his cock, and I push my ass backwards, wanting him deeper inside of me.

He releases his hold on my thighs, his fingers going to my clit. I shake my head. It’s all too much, and I can’t be about to cum again already. There is no way. I should have known better because this is Tidas. If there’s one thing I know about him, he’s going to get what he wants, and right now, he wants to get me off.

His tongue keeps pumping in and out of me as his fingers toy with my clit. But when he presses his thumb against my ass, I lose it. It’s so dirty and wrong but oh so right.

I scream his name louder this time as another orgasm hits me. This one is so hard it sucks all the air out of my lungs. My body shakes, and black spots dance in front of my eyes. I gasp, trying to catch my breath, my face resting on the cool stone of the kitchen counter.

When Tidas shifts, I turn my head to look back at him. He rises to his feet, his hand going to the buckle of his jeans. His tongue sweeps out, and he licks his wet lips as he frees his cock and I stare at it in shock.

There is no way that is going to fit inside of me.

He wraps his hand around it and strokes himself. His eyes eat up every inch of me while he does it, cum already leaking from the tip. My teeth sink into my bottom lip and I’m unable to look away. The head of his cock brushes my ass with each stroke of his hand. He guides it down between my thighs, grazing my opening. I debate if I should tell him I’m a virgin.

Instead of entering me, he pushes my thighs back together and locks his cock between them. His dick pushes through the lips of my sex, rubbing my clit in the process as he thrusts in and out. His hands come to my hips as he starts to thrust faster. To anyone watching, it looks like he’s fucking me, but it’s like he’s using my body to get himself off.

“Tidas,” I moan.

My juices cover his cock, making it easy for him to slide in and out. My clit is feeling every inch of his silky-smooth steel. It’s so damn hot.

“Need you to cum for me again,” he says through gritted teeth.

“I can’t.” I shake my head. He lifts his hand off my hip and brings it down on my ass. I cry out at the shock of the sting.

“You will.” He never stops thrusting as his hand smooths where he smacked my ass before his thumb drifts down the crack of my ass.

“Tidas.” I shake my head harder. My body is going to break in half if I have another orgasm.

“You’ll do what you're told,” he grits out.

He’s fighting not to cum. He’s always so calm and smooth, but right now he’s anything but. I love that I’ve made him this way. He presses his thumb to my asshole again as his cock is relentless against my clit with each stroke.

My body has no choice but to do as he commands. My body tightens, and I cry out, falling over the edge of pleasure once more.

“Valerie!” He roars my name as he finds his own release.

His cum spurts across my sex and splashes onto my thighs. I feel his wet, sticky heat all over me as it drips down my legs. I close my eyes in exhaustion and he drops his head forward, lying against my back. Our heavy breathing and my rapid heartbeat are the only sounds in the room.

What the hell was that? And can I have seconds?

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