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I watch his mouth, about to form a question but I can read it in his face as well as his eyes, an unspoken question to which my answer is a huge yes.

Yes, I want him to take me, claim me for his own and yes I want it right now. Right here, on the damned floor if I have to.

I’m not as shy as I might have been yesterday. I mean, Trent’s the first person let alone man to see me naked, and he’s definitely the first man I’ve ever seen naked.

He’s the only man I wanna see naked and by the looks, he feels exactly the same way about me too.

I try my best to do a little seductive strip in front of him as he props himself on his elbows as he leans back on my bed.

His low growl and growing thick bulge in his pants tell me he likes it.

“Turn around,” he says firmly, cocking his brow and curling his lip, knowing I’ll play along.

“I wanted you to spin for me at the reunion, so I could see you,” he muses aloud.

I’m already finding it hard to concentrate, the dampness between my legs is too much. I need him there.

My legs start to shake and I’ve only really taken off my sweater, but Trent wants to keep me in suspense just a little longer.

The real reason is he wants to watch me, see me from every angle. God knows why, but I tell myself that two can play at this game and the next time we’re naked I want to see every inch of him perform for me.

For now, though, I have to admit, it’s one hell of a turn on.

I hear my own breathing quicken and feel my heart thumping hard in my chest as he gives me instructions as I undress until I’m down to my panties and bra.

I can hear him too, making his own sounds of satisfied delight as he watches, unzipping himself before he starts to groan.

I want to turn around, but he hasn’t said so, and I press my thighs together, rubbing them now in a desperate attempt to get some relief.

“Brooke…” he finally moans loudly and whimpering myself, I spin around.

He’s naked on my bed, his huge fat cock sticking straight up in both his hands.

I moan loudly when I see it, I can’t take my eyes off it, off of him.

“See what you do to me?” he groans, tilting his head back, his hands shaking as he tries hard not to pleasure his thick rod.

Before my knees buckle completely, I manage the few short steps to the bed and straddle him as he lays back fully, I feel the heat from his arousal pressing hard into my belly as my hands pick up where his left off.

It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt like it has a life of its own, and after only a few tugs it starts to swell and twitch in my hands.

“Oh, Brooke… Brooke…” Trent moans, cautioning me as I feel my own heat reaching boiling point.

I’ve never wanted something so much, never had such a need to have something inside me.

My whole body shivers as I try to pump Trent’s massive length while yanking my sodden panties to one side and guide him towards my quivering hole.

His smooth stiffness rubs against me, and I gasp loudly, then swearing even louder I force my tight hole to relax a little. Starting to ease him inside me.

His huge hands find my hips and our eyes lock.

Trent’s jaw is clenched, and I can feel his cock pulsing and twitching again as I only manage to ease the plum sized head inside me before I growl and curse some more.

I’ve never been so worked up, never felt anything like this, and I already know I’m hooked.

I love Trent and I love this.

I love his cock, I want it all, and I tell him so, my voice shaking.

“I want you to fill me with it, Trent. Fuck me and come inside me until I scream… and then fuck me some more,” I gasp, shouting now. Ordering him to fuck me until I come on his fat dick.

I’m so wet that his length slides where it needs to be smoothly.

It’s the stretch he’s giving me that’s taking some work.

My eyes are as wide as my gaping mouth until I groan more profanities, unable to believe there’s still more of him to fit inside me.

There’s an intense pressure and then I feel like something gives, his hands gripping me firmly and in a single movement, I’ve done it. I’m filled to the brim with Trent Latham and I purr like a kitten while he growls like a beast. “That’s my girl,” he groans, flexing his cock inside me.

Getting me used to him there, priming me for the dicking I know he’s been aching to give me.

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