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“You’re kidding me?” she asks. “You don’t have to… just because I—”

But my hand is up and my mind is made up.

“Why not?” I ask her, noting her look of hesitation. The look of a girl who has a set routine that never includes ice cream in the hot tub at one a.m. any day of the week.

“Not just because I’m here though,” she says again, making me shrug as I tell her to suit herself.

“You can sit there, or you can join me,” I tease her, making sure she gets a full view of my naked rear end as I pass her on my way to the bathroom to fill the tub.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” she calls after me, then catches up, giggling as she pulls my apron undone.

I turn to watch her peel it off me, groaning with pleasure when I see her eyes grow wide as she takes in my naked front.

She bites her lip and makes that sound I can’t hear enough of. The sound she makes when I know she’s feeling the way I do right now.

I take her hand, guiding it to my throbbing member, and gradually coach her silently on how best to handle the merchandise.

“Tell me you’ll stay tonight,” I whisper in her ear. Waiting for her to reply before kissing her, but prepared for a yes or a no answer.

Hoping for a yes, of course.

“As long as you let me cook breakfast,” she says, squeezing me just hard enough to let me know she might just mean breakfast in bed.

Chapter Thirteen


Turns out Trent’s an early riser.

Shifting half-awake I reach over for him in bed but he’s not there.

Maybe I should’ve mentioned that thing? The little thing about me needing nine hours of sleep or I’m useless.

I groan to myself, annoyed I slept so late and spying what might be a patch of drool on my pillow, I hope I didn’t snore or do anything worse in my sleep.

I was supposed to get up early, surprise Trent with breakfast in bed as well as other stuff.


If I was home I’d pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, but as much as I’m not a morning person, the excitement that just thinking about Trent gives me is enough to get me up.

Sitting up in bed at least.

The day outside is gray with some rain still running down the huge windows of Trent’s bedroom. But the view is incredible still.

I can see further than I ever have and I’ve lived here my whole life.

A room this size with a bed this size, makes me feel a little like a toy doll in a dollhouse but in a good way.

I hear a door closing, and then a cheerful whistling that I recognize as Trent straight away.

As he gets closer he stops whistling and pokes his head around the door, a cardboard tray and some paper sacks in his hands.

The instant burst of breakfast filling my nostrils.

Jesus, does this guy ever not eat? I’ll be as big as a house if this keeps up.

“You up?” he asks me quietly, not seeming to mind at all I’ve slept through and done nothing I promised last night.

I open my mouth to tell him, yes but a dry croak comes out instead and he smiles while I die a little inside, worrying now about my morning breath now.

He ignores my anxiety and comes over, leaning in to kiss the top of my head and hand me a paper sack recommending we eat before it’s cold.

“You were sleeping like a lamb so I got us some breakfast,” he remarks.

I notice too that my clothes are neatly folded on a leather chair by the window and my phone is within my reach on a heavy wooden side table next to the bed.

“Did you even sleep?” I ask, blinking some sleep out of my eyes. I’m impressed by the coffee too, which is just how I take it and I take as long a sip as I dare without burning my mouth.

Trent takes a big bite of his breakfast, waiting to chew before he speaks.

Is that a hamburger? Dear Lord, the man’s a keeper for sure.

“I’m an early riser,” he says matter of fact. “Bad habit or good habit?” he muses with a shrug. “But I always have been since I was a kid. Get a lot more done in a day,” he observes, but he’s not trying to make me feel guilty.

“Do you always have burgers for breakfast too?” I ask, suddenly ravenous at the sight of what he’s got and hope I have the same.

He laughs, covering his mouth. “I’ll be honest, Brooke. I’m having a bit of a cheat week with you here, so no. I don’t always eat burgers for breakfast, but I can let my hair down every now and then.”

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